Social Media In The Church of Christ Updated

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Social Media In The Church of Christ Updated
William Jackson
Member of San Jose Church of Christ 2019

The incorporation of Social Media tools and platforms has
provided opportunities for people to read, comprehend,
research, share, integrate, incorporate and interpret the
Word of God using the dynamic tools of the Internet and
Social Media platforms.

The development of the Internet started from textual
transmission of information that was lacking in personality,
functionality and interactivity; growing to the current
multimedia and interactive communication tools and
platforms that allows and encourages communication on
multiple levels and in virtual worlds.

The next revolution of industry is here, the digital revolution
that is transforming lives across cultures, genders and
generations. There will be acceptance, there will be resistance,
but there will be no stopping. Technology is here and transforming

The virtual development of the Internet has the ability to
create “rooms” similar to the Holodeck on Star Trek shows
where anything imaginable can be projected and actively
engaged in. What is currently lacking are smells and tactile
feelings, but soon that may transpire as technology advances
and VR or Virtual Reality expands.

Reading is not the only option online, there is text to speech
(audio), video interactivity (multimedia), online search abilities
(research tools), Microblogging (Twitter), Vblogging (video blogging),
Podcasting, Live Streaming, and the traditional Blogging (writing).

The spiritual dynamics, comprehension and interpretation of
the scriptures are now open and available globally. The Word
of God can be shared to larger audiences and active engagement
is not only encouraged, but available in many languages.

There are many versions, translations and interpretations of the
Bible that provides chances to engage in the Word of God on
many levels cognitively. Scriptures are based on learning,
understanding, interpretation and growth, what a great
opportunity to digitally and virtually carry Gods word
with you to share his message.  The first command is now
digital and traveling at the speed of bytes.

The caution is for the Church of Christ, scriptures presented
from the bible should not be changed, modified or otherwise
skewed to change the doctrines of the foundation of the
Word of God. As with any digital media caution and scrutiny is
required to best learn and absorb the doctrine of salvation.

Thus when leaders of the Church of Christ access
resources online they must already be educated in scriptures
so they can be consistent and accurate in their teaching.
Sharing with their congregations the goal of
“Saving Souls and Keeping Souls Saved.”

Technology has migrated from physical devices that are
antiquated workstations to mobile devices that are wireless
and lightweight, limited only by the ability to connect to
signals emanating from towers or satellites. The ability to
connect is seamless and powerfully constant. In comparison
connected means access to information globally.

The youth of today are ignorant to the command language structure
of computer programming of the past that allowed information to
be inputted on command line prompts that required an intimate
knowledge of binary coding, keyboard strokes and function keys.
Now people can speak their commands into their devices
and voila it is done.

Technology opens doors to exploration and discovery. Access to
writings in manuscripts and scriptures that build enlightenment,
encourage interpretation and understanding are available. The
importance of this is the application in everyday life as Christians
in a Body that follows Christ every day.

Leaving to question with all the access to information does this
encourage the psychological growth of the members of the
Church of Christ?
A new convert into the Body;
Sunday, January 19th 2014 a Baptism of new-discovery,
dedication, devotion, and learning, using technology to incorporate
the Word of God into my life showing me the direction that I should
go and how to minister to others using my talents and abilities as a
teacher: digital and otherwise.

Leading to the queries, If Jesus had a Facebook page how
many Friends would he have? If Jesus had a Twitter feed how many
Followers would he have, if Jesus had a Tumbler site what pictures
and video would he Post? If Jesus had a Podcast how large would
his listening audience be and how often would his message be
downloaded through iTunes, shared on other services that provide
content access?
If Jesus had a Blog how many people would subscribe
by RSS feed and actually provide input to his content?

In the 21st century and beyond in order for the Church of Christ to
grow and continue to share the Word of God the use of diverse
technologies must be incorporated in the presentation of the
Word and Social Media is a viable platform to reach youth, teens,
and young adults that are engaged and “connected” with tech.
If the Church of Christ does not apply technology, STEAM,
STREAM and corresponding Apps they run the risk of loosing

The growth of the church is in the Body of the people, and the needs
of the Body must be addressed in receiving the Word, technology is
the platform, tool and engine that elevates the awareness of the
need to study and research to increase understanding;
understanding increases application; application increases moving
lives to what scripture says The Church / The Body of Christ should
be doing to Save Souls and Keep Souls Saved.

More to come about incorporating Social Media in Ministry for the
Church of Christ and the use of Social Media tools and platforms.

William Jackson
Twitter @WmJackson
Hashtags: #ChurchofChrist – #ChurchesofChrist

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