The Foundations of Leadership in Scripture

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William Jackson, M.Ed.

William Jackson, M.Ed.

The Foundations of Leadership in Scripture
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Let The Bible Speak
Church of Christ and Social Media

Godly leadership is grounded and based in
righteousness and righteousness is its own
just reward. Sometimes it might feel like your
leadership skills would be better compensated
in another venue, but you must remember your
accountability and responsibility in the Body
of Christ. You must trust that the Lord will honor
your work and sacrifice. Your works are designed
to save souls and keep souls saved.

Philippians 2:3-4
“Let nothing be done through selfish ambition
or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem
others better than himself. Let each of you look out
not only for his own interests, but also for
the interests of others.”
Leaders keep their eyes on what is important
and the journey not just the destination.

Psalm 32:8
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you
should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye
on you.
Leaders must keep their minds open and their
ears available to the Lord so they can be lead.

Matthew 20:25-28

“But Jesus called them to him and said, You
know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over
them, and their great ones exercise authority
over them. It shall not be so among you. But
whoever would be great among you must be
your servant, and whoever would be first among
you must be your slave, even as the Son of Man
came not to be served, but to serve, and
to give his life as a ransom for many.”
1. Leaders need to have a clear vision of where
they are taking the people. Leaders must project
the confidence that inspires others. Being a leader
is not just about being seen, being heard and
being admired, being a leader is about teaching,
inspiring, educating, mentoring and pulling out
of others their unseen abilities, talents and skills.

Numbers 27:18
So the Lord said to Moses, “Take Joshua son of
Nun, a man in whom is the spirit of leadership,
and lay your hand on him.
2. Leaders need to know what they are talking
about when leading others with motivational
scriptures and references to the Bible. A leader
must be humble to ask for wisdom and knowledge.
Leaders know that they are only as strong as their
convictions and their weaknesses that will try to
deviate them from the goals they are
striving to accomplish.

Numbers 33:1
Here are the stages in the journey of the Israelites
when they came out of Egypt by divisions under
the leadership of Moses and Aaron.
3. Leaders need to outline in clear terms steps to
achieve the vision of success. Their vision cannot
be clouded by individual aspirations of success,
fame nor fortune. The needs of the many outweigh
the needs of the one and the few. There will be
sacrifices that are made, but what do these matter
to the many that are lead to new lands
and moving to growth.

Psalm 37:3–4
Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land
and enjoy safe pasture. Take delight in the Lord,
and he will give you the desires of your heart.
4. Leaders have to build a team of diversity across
gender, culture, religion and generation that can
work together and accomplish the needed goals
beyond personal goals and selfish desires.
The lusts of the heart can destroy the foundation
that has been built. A brief moments desire can
wash away all successes. The leader must show
the people that they are stronger together and
embrace each other differences as strengths.

Romans 12:9-13
“Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to
what is good. Love one another with brotherly affection.
Outdo one another in showing honor. Do not be slothful
in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord. Rejoice in hope,
be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Contribute
to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.”
5. Leaders understand how to combine people with their
strengths and weaknesses to accomplish the goals that
benefit everyone. Through design, example and modeling
with strength, compassion and purpose. No successful
leader will lead for long with fear and threats.

Hebrews 13:17
“Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are
keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have
to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not
with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you.”
6. Leaders will teach others to lead and guide their
growth and development with direction that has a
destination. Understanding that the journey is more
important than the destination. That learning comes
when challenges are faced, lessons learned and
even failure contains life lessons.

Galatians 6:9
“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in
due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”
7. Leaders will challenge others to do their best
beyond their abilities. Using words, deeds and
actions that build others, that inspire others to
push past their perceived limitations and move
beyond being tired, depleted and even feeling
of being defeated.

Philippians 2:3
“Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility
count others more significant than yourselves.”
8. Leaders will sacrifice for the good of others
and model by their actions, words and deeds.
Leaders know they are always being watched,
people will look for flaws, weaknesses, struggles
in character and emotional conflicts. No leader
is perfect, leaders seek guidance as well from
those they lead.

Proverbs 11:14
“Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but
in an abundance of counselors there is safety.”
9. Leaders think forward and out of the box.
I teach my students to always “think out of the
box,” to be transformational learners and leaders.
As people move forward they must grow, they
must evolve and there must be transformational
evolution that allow leaders to grow beyond
where they started and to bring others with them.

John 13:12-15
“When he had washed their feet and put on his
outer garments and resumed his place, he said to
them, “Do you understand what I have done to
you? You call me Teacher and Lord, and you are
right, for so I am. If I then, your Lord and Teacher,
have washed your feet, you also ought to wash
one another’s feet. For I have given you an example,
that you also should do just as I have done to you.”
10. Leaders lead not just with their intellect, they lead
with their hearts, passions and a spirit of excellence.
Leaders open their minds and spirits to the Spirit of
the Lord. To listen to and embrace the Spirit of the
Lord where human knowledge will fail and the
only knowledge that is real and relevant is from
the Holy Spirit of the Lord.
A leader has an intimate and spiritual and intellectual
relationship with God ‘Call to me and I will answer you
and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not

Jeremiah 33:3
Man himself is not the smartest creature on the planet,
nor in the universe. he has foolishness and folly that
follow him continuously. Man must rely on and trust
in the Lord our God for measures of common sense
and direction. Man cannot be trusted at all times to do
the things necessary to save his soul and save the
souls of others. It is man’s dependency on the Lord and
his faith that the Lord will guide him, teach home and
keep him from doing foolish and sinful things.

Leaders of Let The Bible Speak TV

Leaders of Let The Bible Speak TV


Social Media Strategies for Church of Christ Ministries

Social Media Strategies for Church of Christ Ministries
William Jackson, M.Ed. Teacher for Let The Bible Speak TV

Let The Bible Speak TV #LTBSTV

Leaders of Let The Bible Speak TV

Leaders of Let The Bible Speak TV

“A Brand is more than just a perception; perceptions will match
reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will
be behind. Sometimes it will have great influence and sometimes
the influence will be lower. A Brand is simply a collective impression
that people have and create perceptions based on engagement,
resources, inspiration and influences.”
William Jackson, M.Ed.

Building your Brand as a ministry requires CoC ministries to
identify their influence in their communities, neighborhoods
and even villages. Providing a solution to challenges that
families are experiencing during the pandemic.

Ministries are providing prayer and now access to mental health
counseling and when possible Internet access to help students
complete their school work. The opportunity for Church of Christ
ministries to work together are building and expanding joint
works in the community.

Church of Christ Ministries are digitally influencing the decisions
and choices that people are making. Based on information provided
by ministerial leaders. Outreach and collaborations can be used
to help people by applying mobile technologies to connect
people to resources. During the pandemic there are wide ranges
of needs, but the basics are important. Food, medical assistance,
educational needs, mental health resources, utility resources and
community collaboration.

Discipleship and Evangelism are sometimes a challenge when people
do not know what you stand for and what direction you are going in
ministry. Church of Christ ministries are learning they are in need of
members that are skilled with skill-sets that allow for digital knowledge.

Here are some ideas from Let The Bible Speak TV (LTBSTV) to help
Churches of Christ digitally connect

1. Church of Christ ministries should include their blog address on
all social media profiles to share their presence and resources to
help in their communities. Making content visible and easily accessible.

2. Social Media is used to elevate a CoC blog not the other way around.
People want to see information related to families, children and
addressing mental health resources and services for food and help with
paying utilities. Links should be updated weekly to direct those in need
to the right person and the right services.

3. Church of Christ ministries using Tweets to drive traffic to their
blog. Tweets are short length character bursts (micro-blogging) to
share resources and increase engagement with the community.

4. Church of Christ ministries should make sure their content in a blog
is designed to be read on mobile devices. The majority of content will
be read through mobile phones.

5. Twitter helps to diversify your audience, it expands the CoC Brand
and can serve as a feed to services and resources.

6. Use Twitter strategically and purposefully. Schedule Tweets to meet
your audiences time schedule and needs. Everyone is not online at the
same time, so scheduling is important.

7. Promoting your blog should be intentional. If posting scriptures
make sure their is an interpretation, how can members or even
non-members use this information.

8. Facebook posts are still a good way to promote content diverse
content and share information within the ministry outside the ministry.
Sharing information about services and resources that help families,
children and the elderly.

9. Be sure to share your content on LinkedIn, don’t try to link away
from LinkedIn, but draw people to you so they can view your profile.
LinkedIn is seen by millions of businesses that can provide services
that can help in helping others.

10. Using video is important. The Church of Christ leadership should
use video to share content and make messages more personal and
engaging. Connection is important especially for the elderly that
may sometimes feel isolated and forgotten.

Teacher - William Jackson

Teacher – William Jackson

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One Continent Under Corona 

One Continent Under Corona
William Jackson, M.Ed. #MyQuesttoTeach #MQTT
Blogging on:
Church of Christ and Social Media
Africa On The Blog
Teaching on Let The Bible Speak

William Jackson, M.Ed.

William Jackson, M.Ed.

*******The views expressed in this blog are the opinions of the
author only.

We are once again united against a common enemy.
This enemy is not just environmental, this enemy is not just
governmental, this enemy is not just another virus or
disease and this enemy is not  a national enemy it is
a global pandemic.

This enemy is not drug abuse, this enemy is not human
trafficking and this enemy is not equality of education
and social justice for Black and Brown people. This enemy
is not white, Black, Asian,  Hispanic, African, Australian,
or any other nationality.  This enemy does not need nuclear
weapons to kill millions it is that devious and dangerous.

This enemy is global in portions, we cannot call on the
military because their bullets, bombs, missiles, planes, tanks,
ships and guns have no power against it.  We cannot call on
the police to arrest it, we cannot call on the UN to pass
sanctions, we cannot call on peace keeping forces nor the
bodies of World Health Organization to wish it away.
We cannot call  the best lawyer in Africa to argue against
it and we cannot call on international judges to sentence it
into imprisonment.

We cannot call on the leadership of the nations of Africa
because they seem to worried about their own hold on to
political power and how they look to the world. We cannot
call on the leadership of the African continent because they
seem more worried about their self interests. Some African
leaders are trying to help the people, but some African
leaders are selfish in their actions to try to save people
and their families.

They appear do not care about the elderly, the children
nor small and medium business owners struggling.
There are millions of African calling for help and seeking

The leaderships of this continent seem to enjoy having
their families safe while other families are starving,
they are slowing passing away alone and without their
families to morn over them.

Unfortunately many African leaders do not pray to God
first, they do now ask the Lord for wisdom, they do not
seek peace even in peaceful times,  they do not aspire to
be global leaders in the areas of tolerance,
hope, humanity and love. Africa is based on Christian
ideas then what Christ are they following?

one nation

one nation

This is “One Continent Under Corona,” but it seems
that the leaderships of this as continent is more
concerned with their safety than the men and women
that elected them in office to serve. Service to the people
has a responsibility to loving everyone, to making sure
everyone is feed, clothed, they are safe from thieves,
they are safe from murderers, they are safe from diseases.

Psalms 33:8 Matthew 14:22 and 23
Taken from scripture the importance of prayer and obedience,
for the Lord to teach us to pray, teach us to evangelize and teach
us the way. The world in so many ways is lost and needs to be
refocused, but the leadership is one that is teaching us to disrespect
each other, to hate each other.
“This nation does not have a racism problem it has a sin problem.
” S. M. Lockridge.

Minister SM Lockridge

Minister SM Lockridge

This African continent has awesome wealth that people can
buy what they want, but there is depressing poverty where
children are sleeping in poverty, in abandoned homes, in
cars and house by house with family and friends. There are
so many opportunities to obtain an education, but too
many cannot afford to go to school because of the lack
of jobs, the lack of governmental help. African governments
need to see that their boys and girls are important and
need to have the best education possible.

Africans have access to technology that will entertain them with
the pleasures of their hearts and minds, but cannot think to solve
social, environmental and cultural challenges. There is so much,
but there is so little when it comes to the humanity of the human
race for African people.

Corona virus I hope is teaching the African continent and the world
to respect and honor all life. Every little boy and every little girls
deserves to be feed, deserves to be loved and deserves to be educated.
Every elder in all the villages, cities, communities need to be taken
care of and loved and provided for.

To many African leaders have ignored the rumblings of wars and
rumors of wars, chastising those that talk about Christ returning,
celebrating movies, television shows that embrace death, killing,
raping, molestation, magic, evil, and having sex with men, women,
boys and girls. This mind-set must change to help every African
live in prosperity and peace.

African leaders should be embracing Christ, celebrating nature,
be kind to your brothers and sisters and help the homeless.
Honor is important to honor the elders and the spirit of God.
Honor their mothers, fathers, grandparents and societies laws.

African leaders enjoy flirting with disaster, taking pleasure in crushing
people that are struggling and love to put their thumbs on
people that worship the Lord.  African leaders imprison children,
women and others under the rule of law that is false and dangerous.

African leaders need to look in the mirror of humanity and see
what the reflection is to see that they are part of the problem and
not part of the solution to change the cultures on the African

Africa has a global economy and in too many cases have not learned
to live with each other. They have not learned their differences make
their humanity stronger, their differences embrace diversity and a seat
at the table is available for everyone not just one color.

There have been other viruses in other times, but history should have
taught a valuable lesson, have learned lessons from those that survived
other viruses. African leaders should have learned about helping their
neighbors no matter where they are around the world or around the corner.

African leaders should have learned that women, children the elderly come
first to preserve what is valuable, not throw them on the streets leaving them
homeless as some corporations are doing even before the Corona
Virus. China and the United States pour billions of dollars into African yet
there is slow growth and slower  humanity.

one nation

African has failed completely to embrace “One Continent Under God,”
but when you look at it with a microscope we seem
to be “One Continent Under Dollars and Corruption.”
African economies may  be robust, but why are children hungry,
why do they  have to struggle with health care and why are they
in schools falling apart?

Christ taught us a valuable lesson when he fed 5,000
he did not ask the color of those hungry, he did not
ask their gender, he did not ask for their educational status,
he did not ask who was in the house or what language
they spoke he just said feed them.

A true leader looks out for everyone, no matter educational
status, economic status, political affiliation and even color
of their skin. We have forgotten that we are all in this together
no matter how high in office we perceive ourselves to be
the Lord does not see any of that.  He is not respective of
anyone’s titles and any office or level of what we think is important.

The Lord has told us through signs and wonders to get our
lives together, to love one another and love they brother
and thy sister as  you love yourself. What has been seen by
the leadership of African nations, leaders must not love
themselves because they seem not to care or worry about others.
When leaders stop caring about their people people begin
to perish and generations will suffer. Instead of continuing
offering help, encouragement and compassion
when they see Africans are struggling they threaten,
demean and make them feel unnecessary and un-needed.

The Lord our God is telling each and every-one of us to open our
hearts and declare the glory of God. To walk the path of Christ
and to apply scriptures. If our leaders are not faithful the people
will perish from not calling on the Lord. If our leaders are not
compassionate with others the people will parish with fire,
disease and pestilence.

There was a time when Africa enjoyed helping the world,
this continent took pride in sending help, relief
workers, engineers, doctors, scientist and educators to make
the world a better place. Corona virus this pandemic is a
chance for Africans to help Africans and if possible help
the world.

The Corona Virus may just be the continuation of the Lord’s
unhappy feelings about where we as humans are going.
That we should help each other and praise our Lord with
all our hearts and all our souls.

There have been earthquakes, continental fires, volcanoes,
blizzards, diseases, drought pestilence and now Corona,
does the Lord have your attention now or do we need to see
locust , think about it, don’t just sit in your homes and read the
Bible pray first, seek God’s face and the Holy Spirit to enlighten
you to the ways you should go. Don’t wait on others, because
if you follow the crowd they may lead you to your death and

African leaders if they do not put the Lord our God first as they
should their conditions may worsen, their nations will crumble
just as they did during the Egyptian times and Babylon rule.
God will humble those that do not serve him first, God will
humble those that allow children to live in cages and die on the
streets. This is found in scripture to the will and the power of the



The title of this blog is:
One Continent Under Corona  we have so much, but have so little
in humanity and compassion. What will it take for us to
change. It took the Hebrews 40  years walking in a circle
to finally get their attention. What will it take Africa to
wake up that God is calling this continent to do better, to
help all its people and generations to come.

“Seven Continents of Faith” Writing Project

Leaders of Let The Bible Speak TV

Leaders of Let The Bible Speak TV

“Seven Continents of Faith” Writing Project
Sponsored by:
Let The Bible Speak a TV, Jos, Nigeria #LTBSTV
Church of Christ and Social Media

The intent of this project (Seven Continents of Faith) is to
share the faith of our youngest members in the Church of
Christ around the world. To encourage and empower
children, youth, teens and young adults from ages
10 to 17 share their faith in writing.

Reading the Word

Reading the Word

There are seven continents and each one has  Church of
Christ ministries evangelizing and sharing the Gospel of
Christ. SCF is an opportunity to allow children, youth, teens
and young adults to share how their faith has kept them
centered and focused in faith during the global pandemic.
Youth, teens and young adults are faced with so many
challenges we are providing an opportunity to allow them
to share the power of their faith.

The prayer is that youth, teens and young adults from ages
10 to 17 submit writings to share their faith in living during
the pandemic. COVID19 has created so many changes in the
world the major changes are isolation and social distancing.
Our children are true heroes and should be the center of
love and inspiration to continue with their career dreams,
hopes and aspirations for life.

Humans are designed to interact with each other, to share
their experiences and live together. Children, youth, teens
and young adults are especially affected. SCF is asking our
youth to share their stories to encourage others. Sharing
their faith is what scriptures asks of us.

Social distancing in society and soon in schools has profound
effects on mental health and spiritual resiliency. The family
structure will forever be changed and even how worship
will be conducted either in person or virtually.

Gods Hands

Gods Hands

The effects of COVID19 are global showing that people
everywhere share the similar experiences. Children, youth,
teens and young adults have a story that many want to tell.
SCF is a chance for ages 10 to 17 to share their stories with
others globally about their faith being a member of the body
of Christ.

How their faith encourages them, how their faith is their
foundation and how their faith is based on the love of Christ.
In an essay format between 300 and 700 words children,
youth, teens and young adults will share how their faith is
helping them through this pandemic.

For the ages 10 to 17 if creative pictures will work better they
are encouraged through drawings to share their faith to
empower other children, youth, teens and  young adults.

Its Really All About GOD

Its Really All About GOD

The requirements are information is submitted from parents
email only, not the child’s. No emails will be sold or shared
with others in any way:
Requirements for submitting youth:

1. First name only of writer
2. Age of writer
3. What continent do they live on
4. Name of the Church of Christ Ministry
5. Name of senior minister / evangelist
6. Their writing that they are submitting in
Word format or Google docs.
7. If a drawing is being sent photograph in jpeg format.

Email information to:
The writings will be placed on a page dedicated to
Seven Continents of Faith with only the information provided.

Acceptance of the Digital Growth in Africa to Be A Global Leader


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Leaders of Let The Bible Speak TV

Leaders of Let The Bible Speak TV

Acceptance of the Digital Growth in Africa to Be A Global Leader
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Let The Bible Speak TV #LTBSTV

The pandemic has been disruptive globally and disrupted
the growth and stability of businesses globally. The United
States has projections that up to 60% of small and medium
businesses will close permanently directly affecting the
economic growth and stability of local neighborhoods and
communities. Living in Jacksonville, Florida in an area
called Lakewood there have been upwards of 7 if not more
small to medium businesses that have closed thus far and
the spirit of the community is changing. It seems like
the life is being drained from it.

The closure of these businesses will have economic effects
on the communities they are in and a gradual spread of
economic issues will expand as workers that are unemployed,
under employed, cannot pay rents, mortgages, car payments,
utilities and even shopping for food.
The human tragedy will grow.

Unemployment statistics are rising faster than the rates of
the Great Depression in comparisons show that once
businesses are closed they will never return. Already larger
corporations are filing for bankruptcy to protect assets and
the investments that stockholders have put in to build
viable business interests that are not fading away.

The ramifications will be felt locally then nationally as
monies are not available to provide tax payments that support
services that support communities and cities. When compared
globally countries around the world are strategically changing
their business models. The African continent has experienced
economic shifts in the beginning of the pandemic, business
leaders have looked at how they can strategically change
their business models to support businesses at all levels.

Decisions are difficult, African business leaders have made
rapid changes that are increasingly solid and foundational
to saving many business that are small and medium. The
United States model of hands-off and offering loans, grants
is not helping small and medium businesses because of the
processes put in place are not beneficial to smaller
and medium business owners.

African Tech Startups are still growing even during a pandemic
because African businesses are providing services that Africans
need and collaboration is available.
The original thought was that funding’s would drop, which they
did as a result of the COVID19 crisis. To help Startups adjust
they were told to continue to develop their ideas and make
adjustable terms when asking for investments and funding.
Even if it would slow growth, but slow growth is better than
no growth.

The annual African Tech Startups Funding Report from Disrupt
Africa showed that startups on the continent of Africa in
January thru March raised totals. In US dollars $100 million
in funding even though there was a big decline of investments
there are signs of rapid recovery.

COVID19 still presents a change and challenge in economic
recovery, because attitudes of investors are still cautious.
This does not stop African digital innovators, African
content creators and STREAM advocates still following their
dreams to start their businesses. Looking for ways to provide
a needed service that is cost effective and sustainable in
the pandemic.

The wonderful news to African business owners is that some
investors remain active throughout this pandemic crisis
and African business startups have avenues to go if they
need additional funding. Many investors are already looking
past the pandemic unlike American and even British businesses
that are looking at bailouts, safeguards, bankruptcy strategies
and quick sales of all or portions of the business to keep alive.

Too many global businesses like those in the US and Britain
are not looking at the well-being of their employees and throwing
them to unemployment lines, food-lines, potential for homelessness
and even families going hungry. African businesses are putting in
strategies that help build adjustments to save small and medium

Systems set in place in Africa are not perfect, because many
small and medium businesses do not have a relationship with
banks and cannot apply for loans, grants and other services.
So those older businesses that are private and even family owned
face closure and will affect families because they are family
owned businesses.

Even though some of the economic news is dire the year of 2020
is still on course to beat last year’s record and become the best
yet for investment into African tech startups, and more opportunities
will be done over the course of the year. The simple fact of the
matter is that plenty of investors have funds that need to be invested
and waiting for the right business model to invest and watch those
business grow.

The pandemic shows that intellectualism matters, business
networking matters, building a professional learning network
matters, collaboration matters and helping people humanely
and humanistically matters. African businesses see the need
to help the people of Africa in their respective nations,
communities and neighborhood.

Africa is learning from the United States financial decisions what
not to do and what the political administrations are not following
American models of leadership. Doing some research of investment
leaders I found information about Zachariah George, chief investment
officer at Startupbootcamp Africa. He is a principal at Nedbank
Venture Capital, he states “So any VC fund in Africa that was raised
in 2017 or later and there are plenty of them given that the African
VC industry is only seven to-eight years old at best.”

That means that VC’s have cash to invest, they just need to be
impressed by digital innovators to see the value in their ideas.
Investing through the crisis, African startups still have places
to go during COVID-19 African technology startups have a better
chance of funding than many American technology startups.
Historically those businesses during extreme disasters with
vision benefit because they attack the issues and problems of
the times and fill a gap.

They are unique, diversified in their services and know that even
during disasters like a pandemic this is the time to expand,
collaborate, invest, build, create and grow.

African businesses that are small, medium and large need to take
advantage of any and all business Zoom meetings, GotoMeetings,
Webinars and digital workshops to build their network, build
relationships with potential Venture Capitalists, banks and the
diversity of investors. Using the Internet to research more about
how to seek investors, how to prepare a business during hard
economic times and what businesses may be more stable and surviving.

As a blogger and content creator I encourage African small and
medium business owners to research VC firms to find resources
to keep them going, expand or even tech companies to seek additional
investments. As an educator of STREAM, I’m not a financial expert,
strategist nor advisor just providing encouragement, opportunities
and inspiration to follow their dreams even in a pandemic.

There are always risks with investments during challenging times
like this pandemic so African business owners need to be sure they
have done their homework and research. To follow reliable and
and trusted advisors.

The flexibility of technology allows for flexibility in seeking
funding, investments, collaborations and even partnerships. Africa
is growing to be a technological powerhouse by providing training’s,
workshops, classes and conferences for youth, teens and young adults
that will be future leaders for Africa. These youth, teens and young
adults will provide STREAM, Technology-driven and real world solutions
that have the potential to be great investments.

This pandemic has created a need to change the thinking of African
investing by bankers, insurers, VC and governments. There is more
optimism on the continent being shown from collaborations with China
and even future investments by Mexico, Canada, Japan and other European
markets that are locking out the United States not just because of the
pandemic, but because of slanderous words and disrespectful behaviors
toward African, Indian and nations of color by the American administration.

As an educator, content creator, sponsor of technology conferences and
advocate for African educational growth and ministry the existing calamity
has many challenges, and the opportunities at hand for investments far
outweigh the challenges, and many investors are excited about the unique
opportunities to invest in businesses on the African continent.

The best investment is in education, teaching youth, teens and young adults
to be engaged in as many educational activities as possible. Nations that
build their youth of all cultures to be the leaders needed for the future
will be leaders. Many nations in Africa like Nigeria are expanding their
access to the Internet, mobile devices are growing in numbers in Africa
that out grow even the United States and Canada. With mobile technology
small and emerging business owners can begin to compete even on a small

Starting is important, youth, teens and young adults that are web developers,
coders, digital innovators, artists and mixologist for musical groups and
singers are making changes to industries that need the infusion of new ways
to attract generations to listen to new forms of music and
even the movie industry.

There is a mounting influx of digital technologies developing in Africa
that are embedding themselves in the lifestyles of people. Africa is
slowing becoming the next digital influence of the world. African
people cannot allow foreign nations to come in and steal their innovators,
creatives and intellectuals. Africa must never allow another nation to
take away their indigenous intellectual innovators or put them away so
someone else can take credit for what Africans are developing.
The act of Blogging is still a form of storytelling, sharing thoughts
ideas, mental projections that inspire African people to grow and

Webster’s dictionary describes blogging as, “diary: a personal
chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page.” Africans
have been rapidly moving into the digital age that is embracing
cosmopolitan ideas and multicultural collaborations with the
help of technology. The inclusiveness of technology is taking
many into the 21st century where they are connecting
to the world.

Blog (weblog) technology is web based and inclusive to all people
regardless of color and culture thus allowing a explosion of
ideas and intellectual exchanges that carry on the tradition of
intellectual growth that developed at the time of Timbuktu and
other areas of Africa where there were universities
and places of study way before Europe itself started reading.
There is an estimated 8 million bloggers in America (The State
of Blogging (2005), Pew Internet & American Life Project) but
Africa has double if not triple that number.

Change blends with the traditions of traditional living,
lifestyle and technology inclusion; technology is infused in
all aspects of life and is expanding daily. In order to compete
Africa need to accept change and embrace the execution of
productivity tools that are prevalent in the business and
educational world. Africa’s success is base on the education
of its boys and girls, men and women. It is a known fact that
when women are educated they will teach the village and all
will prosper and grow. Not to say that men do not teach,
but they set the foundation of growth, but sometimes do not
share and are selfish with their successes.

There is so much technology available in the African
infrastructure in business and even ministry that ministries
are offering technology classes. Businesses and schools of
secondary and higher education, the question is, are teachers
and business leaders being taught the appropriate use of these
technologies that are becoming relevant in the business and
educational world?

Africans should be exposed to and using diverse technologies,
if not they may again be hindered by being unprepared to do
business on a global scale. The possibility of expanding and
encouraging knowledge, requiring the proficiency of reading
(literacy/comprehension) and writing (creative thought process).

Blogging requires the participation of writers and readers
involved in a symbiotic relationship that is dependent upon
each other. Statistically Africans are behind in technology
applications and implementation (digital divide) professionally
and educationally, but the potential to take charge is huge.

Blogging is a new world, a world of digitized created writings
on a multitude of subjects that readers can ravagely consume
and interactively respond to. Where does this help the African
business community when it comes to gaining new incites in
business and cultural awareness? The act of blogging opens doors
to avenues of business ventures to expand literary and
informational talents and understand the power of the
reader or audience.

Why is blogging important to African writers; because of the
wealth of information that is important to educational and
professional growth. Africans need to become aware of the
potential to expand their knowledge base locally and globally
in areas of politics, economics, business, medicine, education
and cultural diversity. Many that are blogging allow the
participants to be co-creators in this age of digital media
that is transforming social interaction, taking social n
etworking to new levels of cognitive growth not just empirical
information that is irrelevant and in some cases professionally
and socially detrimental.

Blogging is a new wave for cyber-publishing for Africans to
share their stories, ideas, passions, and in some cases rants
and raves. This media is not about complaining about perceived
or experienced injustices, although in the cases of social
injustices and be blogged about and are. The opportunities are
endless as to what a writer can do, what they can share and how
they can engage discussions.

Blogging instills creativity, empowerment and critical thinking
skills into people that allows for their talent in writing.
The very nature of the Internet is allowing African people to
not just retrieve information, but post information that may
compete with resources of traditional newspapers and magazines.

The capability for Africans to launch their own newspaper,
magazine, radio and even television shows at a very low cost
is within the grasps of a person with a computer that can support
this technology. If the mind-set does not change for many,
Africans will once again they maybe left out, disconnected and
have a limited impact to social, business and political issues.
African voices need to be heard like distant rumblings of
thunder that people listen to and respect.

African people must embrace technology and all that it has
to offer, all the possibilities of imagination, innovation,
self-empowerment, and cultural enhancement. Blogging is just
a tip of the digital iceberg. The Internet, Podcasting,
Micro-blogging, Video-blogging, Wikis and other forms of
communication are all interactive and self directed tools
that avail themselves to cognitive growth and connection
to multicultural awareness that is being embraced and
welcomed to all growing African communities. Technology is
about communication between peoples.

Let us start communicating and engaging creative skills in
our writing to inform and empower, go forth and Blog to build
a better and increasing intellectual Africa.

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