“Church of Christ In Social Media Obedience”
by William Jackson, M.Ed. Let The Bible Speak TV

The fulfillment of the “Great Commission” is still
the primary mission of Christians in the Church
of Christ. The Body of Christ is tasked with sharing
their faith to the world. To share the love of Christ
and the importance of being saved.

Even in the 21st century the infusion of technology
helps in spreading the Word of God, drawing attention
to the scriptures and the importance of the path to salvation.

Bringing the gospel to the lost and those wondering and
wondering about life and living. The innovation of technology
opens new doors for discipleship, fellowshop and sharing the
messages of what it means to be saved and how to be saved.

No matther the platform whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
Tic Tok, SnapChat or other digital platforms and tools digital
innovation can reach those that need to hear the Word of God.

“Innovation is not a replacement to obedience,”
but can be another way to reach people seeking
and hungering for a relationship with God.
NetCasters Buseck, 2010