Church of Christ Members Watch Your Tweets
William Jackson, M.Ed.

Leaders of Let The Bible Speak TV

Leaders of Let The Bible Speak TV

Church of Christ and Social Media
Let The Bible Speak TV

As a teacher of 33 years in STEM and STREAM and an
educational consultant speaking about issues of
social media accountability, social Branding of
personal and business profiles, sharing the
advantages of So – Social, Lo – Local, Mo – Mobile,
Co – Community engagements integrating technology.

Twitter is the a phenomenal tool to share content,
make connections both personal and business. The
reach of using Twitter is beyond local engagements,
community networking it is a platform that can
inspire thousands and millions.

Examples can be seen from entertainers, athletes,
authors, educators and even presidents of nations.
Church of Christ ministries are learning that tech
can be their best bet for expanding their ministerial
reach in discipleship and evangelism.

The pandemic has made Members of the Body of Christ
use digital tools that once were only used to find
news, entertainment and communicate with family and
friends, this has gone through a drastic change that
will change peoples live forever.

The use of Twitter is a valuable tool, but people
must remember “you are what you Tweet,” that your
content is a representation of who you are and
your Brand. Your content is also associated with your
faith and where you worship.

Twitter is a powerful tool to expand the Brand of a
businesses and ministry, to enhance the vision of
entreprenuers and display the influence of PLN and
PLC – Professional Learning Networks and Professional
Learning Communities. Using Twitter can allow your
Brand to arrive at places before your physical self
arrives. As a teacher I always encourage my students
to think globally not just locally and community.

Church of Christ ministries must make use of their
teens and young adults to allow them to be mentored
and guided in the use of technology in ministry,
discipleship and evangelistic works. Allowing youth
and teens to be part of the ministry is a wonderful
opportunity for mentoring and teaching about the
ministry along with discipleship and evangelism
using new tools and engaging strategies beyond
the church walls.

Social Media is manipulated in so many ways it takes
diligence of the reader to make sure they are not
seeing fake news, propaganda and distracting messages.
Church of Christ members must be careful of what they
agree to, what they like and what they repost
because their behaviors can reflect the mentalities
that do not go with their ministries.

Being a member of the Body of Christ even on social
media your behaviors represent Christ and the Body
of Christ. Reading the writings of Chellie Ison in
The Christian Chronicle, Taneise Perry of Kingdom
Church of Christ in Charlotte, N.C. has stated that,
“Whether it’s in person or in this social media realm
of online-ness, we have a responsibility to reflect
Jesus and to reflect honesty and truth.”

Being true members of the Body of Christ our message
is one of faith, love and obedience to Christ as
disciples. Using digital tools allows our reach to
extend even further. This does not mean to post
scriptures on Twitter every time online, it means
sharing your faith by your behaviors and extending
a welcoming message to issues and events online.

Having the thoughts of self-analysis, self-reflection
and humility. It can be hard to remember we are a
reflection so think about your postings as a
conversation. Would that same posting be a conversation
that you would have with the minister, deacon, elder
or others in leadership in the ministry?

Just as we study the word, research the word and
pray on the word we need to do the same with our
online content. Pray for discernment and clarity
of what is read that is not biblical to make sure
minds are not lead astray in the world and lead
hearts and minds away from Christ. Content is key
and influential, the engagement of sharing so many
concepts can lead people to Christ or lead them

John Edmerson of Vineyard Church of Christ states
that, “if you’re able to manage your thoughts,
manage your emotions, and say, I’m going to respond,
but before I respond let me understand.”
Understanding is important because Twitter is not
a platform to argue, express hatred, call out people
or put people down. Twitter allows each of us to
learn different perspectives. We must respect people,
their ideas, their beliefs, their ideologies and
current path of life.

Christ in his teachings did not condemn, slam, cast
out or threaten to send people to hell. He spoke of
life, living, changing mentalities, changing hearts
and minds, the opening of eyes and growth in spirit.

As members of the Body of Christ there must be
this intention to help others and engage in
respectful conversations. These conversations can
be in local ministries, national and international.
Christians must show grace and forgiveness no matter
how hard it is. To learn from each digital engagement
that may be harsh and apply scripture. Christ knows
our hearts and intentions so prayer and discernment
is valuable.

Reading scripture in Matthew 12:36 it shares that,
“I tell you, on the day of judgement, people will give
an account of every careless word they speak.”
Members of the Body of Christ must be mindful and have
a realistic understanding that when they post online
they’re speaking too. Christ will look at that and
hold you accountable. In this age of digital engagement
would you follow Christ on Facebook, would you follow
Christ on Instagram and other platforms.

Understand your ability of share scripture on a level
of digital and fundamental change.


This and other points of view concerning social media
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