Social Media Strategies for Church of Christ Ministries
William Jackson, M.Ed. Teacher for Let The Bible Speak TV

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Leaders of Let The Bible Speak TV

Leaders of Let The Bible Speak TV

“A Brand is more than just a perception; perceptions will match
reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will
be behind. Sometimes it will have great influence and sometimes
the influence will be lower. A Brand is simply a collective impression
that people have and create perceptions based on engagement,
resources, inspiration and influences.”
William Jackson, M.Ed.

Building your Brand as a ministry requires CoC ministries to
identify their influence in their communities, neighborhoods
and even villages. Providing a solution to challenges that
families are experiencing during the pandemic.

Ministries are providing prayer and now access to mental health
counseling and when possible Internet access to help students
complete their school work. The opportunity for Church of Christ
ministries to work together are building and expanding joint
works in the community.

Church of Christ Ministries are digitally influencing the decisions
and choices that people are making. Based on information provided
by ministerial leaders. Outreach and collaborations can be used
to help people by applying mobile technologies to connect
people to resources. During the pandemic there are wide ranges
of needs, but the basics are important. Food, medical assistance,
educational needs, mental health resources, utility resources and
community collaboration.

Discipleship and Evangelism are sometimes a challenge when people
do not know what you stand for and what direction you are going in
ministry. Church of Christ ministries are learning they are in need of
members that are skilled with skill-sets that allow for digital knowledge.

Here are some ideas from Let The Bible Speak TV (LTBSTV) to help
Churches of Christ digitally connect

1. Church of Christ ministries should include their blog address on
all social media profiles to share their presence and resources to
help in their communities. Making content visible and easily accessible.

2. Social Media is used to elevate a CoC blog not the other way around.
People want to see information related to families, children and
addressing mental health resources and services for food and help with
paying utilities. Links should be updated weekly to direct those in need
to the right person and the right services.

3. Church of Christ ministries using Tweets to drive traffic to their
blog. Tweets are short length character bursts (micro-blogging) to
share resources and increase engagement with the community.

4. Church of Christ ministries should make sure their content in a blog
is designed to be read on mobile devices. The majority of content will
be read through mobile phones.

5. Twitter helps to diversify your audience, it expands the CoC Brand
and can serve as a feed to services and resources.

6. Use Twitter strategically and purposefully. Schedule Tweets to meet
your audiences time schedule and needs. Everyone is not online at the
same time, so scheduling is important.

7. Promoting your blog should be intentional. If posting scriptures
make sure their is an interpretation, how can members or even
non-members use this information.

8. Facebook posts are still a good way to promote content diverse
content and share information within the ministry outside the ministry.
Sharing information about services and resources that help families,
children and the elderly.

9. Be sure to share your content on LinkedIn, don’t try to link away
from LinkedIn, but draw people to you so they can view your profile.
LinkedIn is seen by millions of businesses that can provide services
that can help in helping others.

10. Using video is important. The Church of Christ leadership should
use video to share content and make messages more personal and
engaging. Connection is important especially for the elderly that
may sometimes feel isolated and forgotten.

Teacher - William Jackson

Teacher – William Jackson

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