One Continent Under Corona
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William Jackson, M.Ed.

William Jackson, M.Ed.

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We are once again united against a common enemy.
This enemy is not just environmental, this enemy is not just
governmental, this enemy is not just another virus or
disease and this enemy is not  a national enemy it is
a global pandemic.

This enemy is not drug abuse, this enemy is not human
trafficking and this enemy is not equality of education
and social justice for Black and Brown people. This enemy
is not white, Black, Asian,  Hispanic, African, Australian,
or any other nationality.  This enemy does not need nuclear
weapons to kill millions it is that devious and dangerous.

This enemy is global in portions, we cannot call on the
military because their bullets, bombs, missiles, planes, tanks,
ships and guns have no power against it.  We cannot call on
the police to arrest it, we cannot call on the UN to pass
sanctions, we cannot call on peace keeping forces nor the
bodies of World Health Organization to wish it away.
We cannot call  the best lawyer in Africa to argue against
it and we cannot call on international judges to sentence it
into imprisonment.

We cannot call on the leadership of the nations of Africa
because they seem to worried about their own hold on to
political power and how they look to the world. We cannot
call on the leadership of the African continent because they
seem more worried about their self interests. Some African
leaders are trying to help the people, but some African
leaders are selfish in their actions to try to save people
and their families.

They appear do not care about the elderly, the children
nor small and medium business owners struggling.
There are millions of African calling for help and seeking

The leaderships of this continent seem to enjoy having
their families safe while other families are starving,
they are slowing passing away alone and without their
families to morn over them.

Unfortunately many African leaders do not pray to God
first, they do now ask the Lord for wisdom, they do not
seek peace even in peaceful times,  they do not aspire to
be global leaders in the areas of tolerance,
hope, humanity and love. Africa is based on Christian
ideas then what Christ are they following?

one nation

one nation

This is “One Continent Under Corona,” but it seems
that the leaderships of this as continent is more
concerned with their safety than the men and women
that elected them in office to serve. Service to the people
has a responsibility to loving everyone, to making sure
everyone is feed, clothed, they are safe from thieves,
they are safe from murderers, they are safe from diseases.

Psalms 33:8 Matthew 14:22 and 23
Taken from scripture the importance of prayer and obedience,
for the Lord to teach us to pray, teach us to evangelize and teach
us the way. The world in so many ways is lost and needs to be
refocused, but the leadership is one that is teaching us to disrespect
each other, to hate each other.
“This nation does not have a racism problem it has a sin problem.
” S. M. Lockridge.

Minister SM Lockridge

Minister SM Lockridge

This African continent has awesome wealth that people can
buy what they want, but there is depressing poverty where
children are sleeping in poverty, in abandoned homes, in
cars and house by house with family and friends. There are
so many opportunities to obtain an education, but too
many cannot afford to go to school because of the lack
of jobs, the lack of governmental help. African governments
need to see that their boys and girls are important and
need to have the best education possible.

Africans have access to technology that will entertain them with
the pleasures of their hearts and minds, but cannot think to solve
social, environmental and cultural challenges. There is so much,
but there is so little when it comes to the humanity of the human
race for African people.

Corona virus I hope is teaching the African continent and the world
to respect and honor all life. Every little boy and every little girls
deserves to be feed, deserves to be loved and deserves to be educated.
Every elder in all the villages, cities, communities need to be taken
care of and loved and provided for.

To many African leaders have ignored the rumblings of wars and
rumors of wars, chastising those that talk about Christ returning,
celebrating movies, television shows that embrace death, killing,
raping, molestation, magic, evil, and having sex with men, women,
boys and girls. This mind-set must change to help every African
live in prosperity and peace.

African leaders should be embracing Christ, celebrating nature,
be kind to your brothers and sisters and help the homeless.
Honor is important to honor the elders and the spirit of God.
Honor their mothers, fathers, grandparents and societies laws.

African leaders enjoy flirting with disaster, taking pleasure in crushing
people that are struggling and love to put their thumbs on
people that worship the Lord.  African leaders imprison children,
women and others under the rule of law that is false and dangerous.

African leaders need to look in the mirror of humanity and see
what the reflection is to see that they are part of the problem and
not part of the solution to change the cultures on the African

Africa has a global economy and in too many cases have not learned
to live with each other. They have not learned their differences make
their humanity stronger, their differences embrace diversity and a seat
at the table is available for everyone not just one color.

There have been other viruses in other times, but history should have
taught a valuable lesson, have learned lessons from those that survived
other viruses. African leaders should have learned about helping their
neighbors no matter where they are around the world or around the corner.

African leaders should have learned that women, children the elderly come
first to preserve what is valuable, not throw them on the streets leaving them
homeless as some corporations are doing even before the Corona
Virus. China and the United States pour billions of dollars into African yet
there is slow growth and slower  humanity.

one nation

African has failed completely to embrace “One Continent Under God,”
but when you look at it with a microscope we seem
to be “One Continent Under Dollars and Corruption.”
African economies may  be robust, but why are children hungry,
why do they  have to struggle with health care and why are they
in schools falling apart?

Christ taught us a valuable lesson when he fed 5,000
he did not ask the color of those hungry, he did not
ask their gender, he did not ask for their educational status,
he did not ask who was in the house or what language
they spoke he just said feed them.

A true leader looks out for everyone, no matter educational
status, economic status, political affiliation and even color
of their skin. We have forgotten that we are all in this together
no matter how high in office we perceive ourselves to be
the Lord does not see any of that.  He is not respective of
anyone’s titles and any office or level of what we think is important.

The Lord has told us through signs and wonders to get our
lives together, to love one another and love they brother
and thy sister as  you love yourself. What has been seen by
the leadership of African nations, leaders must not love
themselves because they seem not to care or worry about others.
When leaders stop caring about their people people begin
to perish and generations will suffer. Instead of continuing
offering help, encouragement and compassion
when they see Africans are struggling they threaten,
demean and make them feel unnecessary and un-needed.

The Lord our God is telling each and every-one of us to open our
hearts and declare the glory of God. To walk the path of Christ
and to apply scriptures. If our leaders are not faithful the people
will perish from not calling on the Lord. If our leaders are not
compassionate with others the people will parish with fire,
disease and pestilence.

There was a time when Africa enjoyed helping the world,
this continent took pride in sending help, relief
workers, engineers, doctors, scientist and educators to make
the world a better place. Corona virus this pandemic is a
chance for Africans to help Africans and if possible help
the world.

The Corona Virus may just be the continuation of the Lord’s
unhappy feelings about where we as humans are going.
That we should help each other and praise our Lord with
all our hearts and all our souls.

There have been earthquakes, continental fires, volcanoes,
blizzards, diseases, drought pestilence and now Corona,
does the Lord have your attention now or do we need to see
locust , think about it, don’t just sit in your homes and read the
Bible pray first, seek God’s face and the Holy Spirit to enlighten
you to the ways you should go. Don’t wait on others, because
if you follow the crowd they may lead you to your death and

African leaders if they do not put the Lord our God first as they
should their conditions may worsen, their nations will crumble
just as they did during the Egyptian times and Babylon rule.
God will humble those that do not serve him first, God will
humble those that allow children to live in cages and die on the
streets. This is found in scripture to the will and the power of the



The title of this blog is:
One Continent Under Corona  we have so much, but have so little
in humanity and compassion. What will it take for us to
change. It took the Hebrews 40  years walking in a circle
to finally get their attention. What will it take Africa to
wake up that God is calling this continent to do better, to
help all its people and generations to come.