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Greetings brothers and sister of Christ, for the next several weeks
I will be sharing links to Church of Christ Virtual – The National
Revival Conference hosted by the Churches of Christ that has been
held online from the United States.

This will be ministers from the Churches of Christ across the United
States provided by brother William Jackson to share the Word of God
from the Body of Christ.

I want to share what other Church of Christ ministries are doing.
I did not create this just wanted to share with my brothers and
sisters in Africa.

Follow the Church of Christ Virtual – The National Revival Conference
Revival with the #revival2020coc
Email is revivalconference.coc@gmail.com

Teaching and Preaching is Minister Alvin Daniels
Hope Church of Christ – Hollywood, Florida
Ezekiel 37:1-7
Ezekiel – God Strengthens
There is a difference between a prophet and a priest.

Title: “It’s Coming Together”
The power of God is in the Word of God.
Follow this link https://youtu.be/zIwIo8bhnPI?t=670

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