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Living in the Body of Christ: A New Convert Perspective

This blog is intended to provide information about being a
new convert in the Body of Christ within the Church of Christ,
to follow the Great Commission as designed by our Lord.
Once entering into the Church of Christ it is our responsibility
to share our experiences and we are accountable to the Lord
for our actions in sharing not just with the Body, but those
outside of the Body.

Since becoming a part of the Body of Christ, Sunday, January 19th 2014,
learning the “Plan of Salvation” and the doctrine of “Saving Souls and
Keeping Souls Saved,” it is important that those of the Body make
themselves available to share their Christian life and experiences with
each other and those not part of the Body, what may seem a difficult
task is easier than thought “Great Commission.”

The first step is to start in your heart, claiming to be a Christian and
“walking” like a Christian should not be a contradiction in terms
nor a conflict in actions. Those of the Body should always remember
that we choose to be Christians, Jesus gives us a choice to follow or
not. It is an individual decision to follow Christ and his teachings,
just as each day we decide to go to work, go to school and the daily
decisions that guide our lives.

church of christ

Upon making the life altering decision the next evolution is to be
educated on the doctrine of what being a Christian means;
“Saving Souls and Keeping Souls Saved” should be a passion using
individual skills that each of us has; everyone has talents and abilities
that they are blessed with and God can use to build his kingdom, as
Minister Alvin Daniels has stated, “We must make ourselves available
to work in the Church of Christ. There is too much that needs to be
done to stay idle.”

Being a Christian does not mean you are perfect, it is a reflection on
making a transformational decisions to follow Christ, to love everyone,
not being judgmental, not giving false reports, not gossiping, using
slanderous language, or other actions opposite of what Christ expects
from Christians and modeled for Christians and the world.

Embracing Christianity requires studying to allow yourself to grow in
the knowledge, comprehension, interpretation and applying scripture
relevant to everyday life. Scaffolding our learning to build our knowledge
in scripture as we mature as Christians. The foundation is based on the
gospel and applying it to everyday life.
Christian growth is important, it helps “in the re-evaluation of your life
as a mission not just an action” (Min. Elisha Taylor, WCofC Jacksonville,
Florida) and “making yourself available for God to use you” (Min. Charlie
McClendon, NCofC Jacksonville, Florida.

relationship with God

As a growing and developing new convert in the Church of Christ,
embracing Christianity does not mean the world will change overnight,
you will not have perfect days every day, people will not automatically
respect and love you, they may even question your motives for “being saved”
and try to throw the past in your face. Embracing means you accept and
reciprocate the love God has for you and through Jesus sacrifice on the
cross you give yourself to him willingly and knowingly. Being saved does
not mean looking for personal gains or having a personal agenda,
the only agenda is God’s and his son Jesus… (The Great Commission).

Giving yourself to Jesus meant it is not about you, although saving
your soul is important for eternity. Giving yourself means allowing
yourself to be used for glorifying God and recognizing you are a sinner,
but saved by grace and mercy. You are also to deny yourself and praise
and worship and love God. Your Christianity demonstrates you want
to continuously learn how to apply the teachings of the Bible to
everyday living, walking and talking the life of being a Christian and
opening your heart, mind, spirit, soul, to allow God to use you to
build his kingdom not your networking opportunities for monetary

We (Body of Christ) are the Church, as Christians carry the light
of Christianity and share the message of salvation. Carrying and sharing
are sometimes disconnected, members of the Body this should be one
not two separate entities. This is not always easy because you become
an open target for evil and even those who use to “run” with you, for
them that are not saved to try and break your commitment to be changed.
People will try to alter your walk with God, change your journey of
salvation and happiness.

The journey must be solidified even by our Christian SWAG that each of
us carries to establish our Christian foundation, the path that we have
chosen is different from the path of “being in the world.” The Body must
study the Bible, consistently attend church, value of praise and worship,
how to study and interpret the gospel and the power of love. Faith, prayer,
praise, love are all important because these create the foundation that God
speaks of in the gospel. Learning this for all new converts will carry us
through to Christian maturity.

The process to be saved is: “A Plan of Salvation”
a process that allows a person to make the commitment to change
their life, their lifestyle and their focus for salvation.
1. Hear 2. Believe 3. Confess 4. Repent
5. Baptism 6. Growing in the Gospel.
Those with questions are always welcome and encouraged to attend
#BibleStudy and any Church of Christ to learn more. Do not allow
situations and circumstances, people or even family keep you from
eternal life.

The Plan of Salvation

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