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Social Media Responsibility in the Church of Christ
by William Jackson
Westside Church of Christ

In this age of digital media, wireless connectivity, Social Media platforms,
development of Apps and mobile technologies, the Church of Christ should
be mindful of the connectivity that technology provides for the members
of the body.
Now is the age where churches should be asking how do we integrate
technology, not why or when. Now is the time to embrace technology platforms
and tools to reach those that live in a technology based frame of mind.

The initiative of the Westside Church of Christ Social Media platforms are
designed to aid its members in keeping abreast of church events, engage either
through text, video and pictures the services provided. The sharing of the
#gospel can be spread outside of the church walls with those that have a
desire and a need to hear the #gospel, but cannot physical attend. Those
that are sick and shut-in can still be involved digitally.
The responsibility of Christians are to share the #gospel outside of the church
not to keep it contained inside the walls of a building. As members of the Body
of Christ we are the church, we share our faith through whatever means
at our disposal. Technology provides a paradigm of transformative connectivity
with tech.


Teaching by Senior Minister and Evangelist Elisha Taylor and other
leaders at the Westside Church of Christ are posted on our Social Media
platforms to show the involvement of our leadership. The teachers of the #gospel
while not adding, nor subtracting from the Word of God. The foundation is the
Bible, through the diversity and manageability of technology and Social Media
tools the message is spread boundlessly throughout the platforms that serve to
be of service and share the faith of the Church of Christ.
The study of scripture is vitally important to the spiritual growth of the Body,
scriptures that are being studied and aligned with the doctrine of Saving Souls and
Keeping Souls Saved. The opportunity to share Gods word on a digital platform
and spread it around the world with digital tools. The power and engagement of
Social Media means connecting with those of the same mission and goal.
“The power of the Internet cannot be obtained, implemented nor embraced
because power without application is powerless” William Jackson

The doctrine of the Church of Christ is to Save Souls and Keep Souls Saved.
Using Social Media platforms / tools in sharing the Word of God from
Westside Church of Christ and other Church of Christ Ministries helps to
spread the same message to a broader audience. When the members share
the same message and have the same mission it is powerful. One voice may
reach tens or hundreds, Social Media can expand that voice to thousands
or hundreds of thousands in a day.
Engaging those who may have questions about the #gospel, those who are
still growing in their Christian walks, those learning how to be of service
in the church and the importance of studying sound doctrine, and why their
baptism is important. It is more than just “getting wet,” it is the
total submersion of the body and submission to Jesus.

Churches of Christ members of the Body should be mindful that
anything shared on connected digital platforms will be available for
years to come so caution is needed not to share personal opinions
that are opposite of biblical teaching, against ministerial leadership,
share/spread gossip, engage in “worldly” words, change – modify
or delete words or passages in the scripture to modify it to “fit”
self-serving purpose. The use of the Bible to enhance a personal
agenda is a growing problem and blurs the line of who is supposed
to be elevated. God is elevated not man….

The Internet or World Wide Web is a dynamic tool, but common sense,
scriptural discernment and biblical maturity is needed when engaged in
sharing and posting information. When a decision is made to be connected
and part of the Body continued perseverance, scripture study and staying
connected to the brothers and sister of the Body is important. Taking the
steps and walking in Christ requires a change in behavior, and the behaviors
should be represented in everything we do. Our mannerisms, our engagement
with each other and in the world should change. The love that God has for
us is the same love we should share for everyone. Teaching the love of Christ….

The Body of Christ holds all Christians accountable and responsible for daily
interactions, do not defame, demean, criticize, use profanity or solicit on
Church of Christ Social Media platforms. Your reputation as a member of
the Body of Christ, as a brother and sister in the Church of Christ, professional
status, community perceptions can be damaging or come into question if
there is inappropriate content created and shared. We are role models for
the world to follow, we are the light and the way as we guide to Jesus and
his teachings. Technology can sometimes take control of our lives,
spontaneous postings need to be guarded because once posted and shared
it cannot be recalled or deleted. Common sense and gospel knowledge are
needed to help us make the right decisions.

Please be aware and cautious of who you are friends with and their created
content, you must evaluate the importance of being a Christian and who
or what you are associated with, “guilt by association” can cause people to
question your allegiances in Christianity. Church of Christ ministries when you
decide to integrate a Social Media initiative plan, plan, plan.
Please feel free to offer suggestions and ideas to improve this service of
Social Media In The Church of Christ, Westside Church of Christ in Jacksonville,
Florida Social Media Platforms

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