Pandemic Shows Technology Virtually Still Has Influence



The Pandemic Shows Technology Virtually Still Has Influence
William Jackson, M.Ed.

Part 2 on Wednesday, October 14…
2020 started off with a literal BANG, there was so
much going on environmentally that many people
including myself were looking at things in a
prophetic manner. Checking scripture, biblical
timelines, doing research on times of famine,
pestilence, world events of disasters. Trying to
be prepared spiritually and mentally for what was
going on and maybe to come.

2019 had events like volcanoes in places of population
and beauty. Changed forever from natural events that
were described as disasters, from a natural perspective
they were natural because volcanoes do happen. There
were hurricanes of such a magnitude they influenced
weather patterns globally.

Wildfires in Australia that devastated millions
of acers of land, killed millions if not billions
of species of animals, plant and insect life and
changed the environment in a rapid timeline. There
are locust in Africa and India: and other events
globally from India to Asia. Storms of historic
revelation that were never recorded in their

The developing pandemic that no one really took
seriously until it was right on top of us,
Even our governmental leaders did not take it
seriously until thousands were dead and still
they are not realistic in the human suffering
and sorrow. In the United States there are over
200,000 death and cemeteries are almost full.
It is so traumatic that funeral homes are packed
to the ceiling, having outside storage and
cooling buildings for the dead and those passing
over are sometimes alone.

The world is in continuous flux, change, adaptation,
evolution and in some cases political revolution
with Black Lives Matter, protests against police
brutality and killing of unarmed men of color and
culture. This is still a work in progress because
people still do not see the value of a Black life
of a boy, girl, man or the value of a Black woman.
Instead of color and culture being respected and
loved, being a person of color in this world is
seen as being a threat to white society. This
does not apply to all whites, but those with
power and influence seem to hate Black and Brown
people because we are still here, we are still
liking, we are stil influencing and we are not
going anywhere.

Many churches are struggle with where they stand
and how their leadership will stand with or against
groups that claim to love Christ, but practice
hatred and racism. How can someone hate anohter
person because their skin is darker, Christ loves
everyone and to follow him we must put aside our
personal issues and follow Christ.

Needless to say, life goes on and humans try to
maintain some normalcy in their lives. Normal will
not be normal ever again, but there will be a new
normal as technology is used for virtual communication
and collaboration. Schools are teaching online,
communities are social distancing and businesses are
practicing minimal numbers of attendance, no inside
seating or limited and only drive thru and take out
at restaurants.

The term “social distancing” may have never been on
the minds of the general public before the pandemic,
but kindergarten age children understand what it means.
This word “pandemic” create horrific thoughts of
death, suffering and will in the future influence
medical and mental issues for generations.

Schools are closed and learning is virtual, accessing
digital applications to continue the learning process.
This is foretold, because in movies and television
programs like Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, Space 1999
and others there was evidence that this was coming.
In a strange sense of irony, television shows and
movies have foretold of things like this and put
people in a emotional disconnection and mental
blockage of preparation for global events.

As a past adjunct professor teaching at an HBCU
Historically Black College and University and working
for NASA I would tell my students and other faculty
that online learning like this was coming, of course
many laughed and said I was ahead of my time and I
dreamed to much and watched to much televison and
SciFi movies. Knowing the change is coming inspired
me to conduct free technology workshops at the local
libraries to speak to as many youth, teen and young
adult groups to prepare for the future. Meeting with
and having a relationship with Aida Correa whom is
Afro-Latina we share a similar interest in inspiring
youth, teens and young adults in STEM and STREAM.

Preparing for the future means learning as much as
possible to keep yourself, your family and friends
ready to act and re-act as things change. Change
can be good and chance can be bad, but you must
be prepared. Educational opportunties are sometimes
harder for people of color because if they are not
exposed they do not know the potential that education
has for them and their families.

When my kids were younger I would take them and
other youth with me to technology conferences so
they can learn, network and be inspired to grow. To
obtain knowledge that was not being shared in the
classrooms of schools and teach students to have a
global perspective of the world.

Gradually attending technology conferences like WordCamp
and KidsCamp from in person to now virtual. Adapting to
digital tools like Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting and others.
Facebook Live, IG Live and the adaptation of phones for
online collaboration and content sharing. These are the
adjustments society has had to make and teach ourselves
in many cases. These are the adjustments that the
Church of Christ must make to reach their communities
to apply digital skills.

Those that are out of the box thinkers, digital innovators,
digital entrepreneurs are now the queens and kings of a
society that needs their skills, knowledge of computers
and digital innovation. These skill can be applied in
ministry and technology is not a tool of the devil, it
can be used to bring light.

Church of Christ ministries need to integrate digital
platforms and tools to share conferences like
The National Revival Conference on Youtube

As a teacher of 32 years teaching in elementary education
I have always told my students to be friends with the
Nerds, Blerds and Geeks of this world, because they
will be the ones able to communicate, collaborate and
access needed information. They will be the innovators
and millionaires and billionaires of the future. They
can be member of the Body of Christ to allow them to
follow Christ. Bring awareness to those that are lost
and connect with technology.

Tech conferences are more important now than ever. As
advocates of STEM, STEAM, and STREAM trying to encourage
youth, teens and young adults to participate in these
areas to be ready when change happens. Especially
children of color and culture, Black, Brown, Afro-Latinx,
Hispanic, Mexican, Haitian, Asian and other cultures
and color. Their lives matter!!!

Change sometimes does not wait on humans to adapt and
respond, it can happen in a matter of months, weeks
and days. This brings to light the value of technology
conferences, established conference where learning is
transformative, fun, inspiring and evolutionary
in thinking. Technology is creating a revolution of
thinking, execution of social movements and opening
the eyes of millions of disenfranchised and indigenous
people globally.

Members of the Body of Christ should inspire others in
their quest more about Christ and learn in a supportive
virtual way that is inclusive, supportive, inspiring,
progressive and forward thinking. Being a disciple of
Christ we work to change the thinking from exclusivity
to inclusivity of Christ in our day to day lives and
from separation to embracing Christ in all that we do
each day.

The Body of Christ is strong and it can be stronger with
including Christ in our decisions each day to share our
faith with others and to show our faith through the use
of technology in our words, videos, posts and content

How would Christ think if we are not obedient with our
works and our words online. In the light we cannot
hide, whatever is in the dark will be show and what is
in our hears will be let out.

Take heed and be sure that Christ is the foundation of
online and offline lives. Reading scripture, applying
it to bein online and sharing faith not with just
preaching, but through teaching, modeling, sharing,
influencing, inspiring and praising.

Thank you for reading this blog and others it is with
great appreciation that you follow Let The Bible Speak TV

Let The Bible Speak TV is provided by Brothers William
Jackson of Jacksonville, Florida, USA, Enoch Mbaihondoum Chad),
Wabomba George (Uganda) all members of the Church of Christ.

Blessings to everyone and their digital travels…

Power In The Bible

Advice for African and Indian Parents

“Parents What Do Your Kids See Online – Do You See The Same Thing”
William Jackson, M.Ed.

William Jackson, M.Ed.

African and Indian parents: children have been out of school and other
events because of the pandemic and have had idle time to explore web
sites, use Apps and even chat more with their friends.
A few words of caution and advice: have you checked your children’s
browser safety ratings, updated antivirus software, cleared your
cache/history and cookies on their computers?
These are  things that should be performed on a regular schedule to
protect digital devices from malware, spyware, viruses and potential
personal digital hacking.
The other dangers are that African and Indian children are being
stalked and lured away from homes then taken.

A parent’s job any where in the world is to be diligent against harm
and danger to their children physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual
and even digital lives. Just as each nations military protects from enemies
both foreign and domestic, a parent’s job is to protect their homes from
invasion and incursion even from the online digital environments
that their children visit. Protecting children from online pornography,
violence and potential stalkers/predators.

The more African and Indian children use digital tools the more they
maybe exposed to online materials that are not healthy mentally,
emotionally and sexually.  African and Indian children, youth, teens and
young adults are being potentially exposed  to dangerous situations
that can cause harm in many ways. 

There was a time when parents could rest in the knowledge that their
children were safe: no longer because children, teens and even young
adults have been lured away from home, enticed to visit people they
do not know to come to shopping centers and even playgrounds to
meet people they only think are their friends.

The growing number of children snatched and thrown into slave
labor has grown, the dangers of child pornography have grown, sexting
has grown. Much is because of the lack of teaching children how to
behave online and how to keep safe. Giving youth, teens and young adults
Smartphones is like giving a child car keys and letting them go with no
training, no license and no common sense and expected to think and
act like an adult.

William Jackson, educator, speaker, volunteer
William Jackson, educator, speaker, volunteer

Millions of students have been using technology in good and bad ways,
so African and Indian parents may have to educate themselves about
what their children are doing. African and Indian schools are learning
from tragic examples students have been online
sites that are intended to lure them into situations where they are
snatched. Their activities will range from chatting, watching YouTube
videos, playing online games through gaming systems and sharing
digital content. Terrorists groups across Africa and even India are
finding that tech and social media are platforms that can be used to
easily attract both girls and boys. 

African and Indian governments are not aware of many sites that are
either local or international that go after their children with empty
and dangerous promises for food, better living conditions, high paying
jobs and a better life. Because the government is not prepared they
allow African and Indian people to be victims of crime and even murder.  

Just like American’s Facebook, Instagram, Tic Tok accounts and others
are being used by more and more African and Indian children, youth, teens,
and young adults. To be connected, to be seen, to be admired and even 
temporarily respected and famous.  Many parents globally are ignorant
to their children’s online activities. Parents need to be concerned and
cautious about all online activity and if they have suspicions always ask
questions and check behind their children on their computers and phones.
How to Protect Your Child’s Phone:

The ease of accessing online pornography, sexual situations, vulgar language,
and the potential to expose the family to sexual predators is a huge risk.
Many parents openly acknowledge that they trust their children. I’m a teacher
of over 30  years and ask parents do they know all their children’s friends?
The answer is always a NO, so what about their friends that can influence
online activities and influence with peer pressure to make other kids do things?

All parents are not responsible and will not accept the accountability that
comes with being a parent. So caution is needed and communication with
children about digital expectations for online safety should be reinforced in
schools and churches as well.

African and Indian children have been taken, encouraged to sneak from
homes and then raped (boys and girls), sold into prostitution, and even
murdered. The dangers of online activities are real and relevant. These
are life and death situations in a digital world that is growing with
Artificial Intelligence, Voice Recognition, Facial Recognition and other
new technologies that potentially allow life to be more enjoyable and
even safe.  

Parents should not allow their children no matter their ages to have free
unmonitored access to the Internet. Cyber-bullying, Sexting, Voyeurism,
chat rooms hookups and video sex rooms are available
online; this is a reality not fantasy. Youth, teens and young adults
around the world are not ready emotionally and mentally to handle
this type of content.

William Jackson teaching students at EWC
William Jackson teaching students at EWC

The title of this Blog: 
“Parents What Do Your Kids See Online – Do You See The Same Thing”

The Internet has given way to an ease of sites that contain information
from pictures, video and multimedia that can influence children in either a
destructive or constructive manner both psychologically and emotionally.
Data from Inter@active Weekly and Newsweek (2010) shows that an estimated
10 million web sites have pornographic materials that kids have access too.
55% of all Internet porn activity occurs during 9am and 5pm and slightly
increases as children transition to home from school. 62% of young
Internet users admit to visiting sites containing sexual content, violence,
hate materials and offensive music.

African and Indian parents that earn more money have children that are
more than likely downloading porn at home because of the availability
of high speed Internet access. The dropping of Internet access prices
has allowed more lower income homes to have higher speed access.

Disturbingly news studies has found that 3 in 5 kids online have received
an invitation to engage in sexual encounters from chatting on Facebook and
other Social Media sites. African and Indian children are prime examples
of targets from international countries because security it lacking or not at all. 

African and Indian parents need to stay informed and educated about
the dangers, potential of abductions from online activities and how to
keep themselves and their children safe from digital content that could
be dangerous and destructive.  

Community Brings People Together
Community Brings People Together

Technology has progressed at such a rapid rate parents should question
their children and friends on their online activities. If they don’t like the
answers take action before you get surprised and are exposed to the
dangers of online porn, violence and hatred. Action is education to
learn together and share information with children. Not to scare them,
but to keep them safe and alive. 

I have been teaching for over 30 years and during those years have
spoken at conferences, workshops, seminars for youth, teens and young
adults. It is important to continue to educate children about their access
to sites and even their content they post because it can come back to either
help them or hurt them in educational and career choices.

Parents make sure you set high expectations for behaviors online and
not to give out personal and private information. Not to leave home to
visit strangers and even friends when dark or late. To be sure to text
you when they arrive at their destinations and when they are returning

Parents follow your instincts and never assume what your children
will not do. Remember the devastation of news that other parents
experienced when given news about things they always said their children
will not do. Remember how you were at your children’s ages. The world
has changed in many ways, too many ways it has been bad, even though
there is good in the world. Education and communication is key!!!

Daddy and Daughter
Daddy and Daughter

Actions taken now can reduce or stop incidents later of heartbreak and
worry. Be the parent your children need to be their first teachers so they
learn from you. 

Church of Christ and Social Media Blog Re-Introduction for 2021

Church of Christ and Social Media Blog
Re-Introduction to the purpose of Church
of Christ and Social Media

Bible On Fire

This web site  is designed to focus on  the implication
of Social Media platforms in the Church of Christ where
I and my family are members of the Body of Christ.
I became a member of the Body of Christ in 2014 at
Westside Church of Christ and my wife in 2020 at
San Jose Church of Christ where we worship and
do the Lord’s work where he directs us.
Other ministries are welcome to use this information
not for the promotion of their ideologies, but for the
sharing of the doctrine of Christ, the gospels and efforts
to help the lost that are away from Christ and helping to
build a personal relationship with our Lord and savior.
The content focuses on ministry, evangelism, education,
and how and whys of using Social Media to bring scripture
to the people. Scripture is a term in reference to the Bible
since the word “Bible” is not used in the text of the scripture.
The  application of Social Media can be extended beyond
the social platforms to sharing the knowledge of God and
the word of scriptures to those seeking enlightenment,
understanding and application to real world events and
personal experiences.

Dove of Peace

It is not enough to read the scriptures, it is vitally important
to apply scriptures to everyday living. That is the challenge
that requires studying. Addressing everyday challenges,
pressures, concerns, family situations and even successes.

Promotion comes from the Lord and should be dealt with
scripturally and with humility and honor. Always remember
that the Lord sees our hearts so it is important to be lead
with a heart and spirit of love and obedience.

Power In The Bible

Evangelism is a connecting action of communication
and building relationships, Christ focused on relationship,
obedience, and humility.  Helping a person to choose
their path, knowing it first and then walking the path
with Christ as the focus. Christ can use us in our
everyday lives if we allow him to.

The future of Evangelism, Discipleship and Ministry will be
building online communities that focus on creating relationships
that people can connect to. Building digital relationships that
are not replacing attending church, but allowing ministry to
continue even during events like a pandemic or other episodes.

Allowing the sharing of Christian beliefs and using
Social Media to share a faith that encompasses love.
In “Digital Nation, Growing Up Online” 2007 this is a
period of evolution and revolution in  applying technology
that requires a sense of exploration and joy of discovery. 

The Church of Christ should embrace the engagement of
Social Media and setting an example of integrating  digital
evangelism and the relationship with Christ we should
all have.

Leaders of Let The Bible Speak TV

This blog is in partnership with “Let The Bible Speak TV”
with Evangelists George and Enoch, we are brothers in
Christ as members of the Body of Christ.
Evangelist Enoch Mbaihondoum from Chad, Central Africa
Evangelists Wabomba George from Uganda, Central Africa

During the days of the week we provide content that edifies
the Lord, shares the gospels and provide inspiration, knowledge
and building communities of peace and love.

Contact us through Let The Bible Speak TV on Facebook or here
on Church of Christ and Social Media. We would love to hear
from  you and how your building your relationship with the Lord.

This blog can also be found on The Christian Chronicle.
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Blogging on Africa On the Blog

Africa on the Blog

2021 Understanding Your Digital Content for Church of Christ Digital Ministries

2021 Understanding Your Digital Content for Church of Christ Digital Ministries
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Let The Bible Speak TV
Church of Christ and Social Media


1. Understand that authentic content is more important
than quantity of blasting of information. Anyone can quote
statistics, but how do you apply that information to real world

2. Video blogging maybe the tech trend, but understanding how to
strategically apply it is valuable in promoting your Brand.

3.  Be adaptable in applying tools and using platforms in
providing services. Flexibility is important as well because
everyone’s situation and circumstances are different. Each has
unique challenges.

4. Content will always be King, but engagement is Queen.

5. Don’t trust y our Brand just to SEO, at some point you and
your business have to get out and meet people and talk to them.

6. Content must inspire mental agility and cognitive engagement.
Inviting the viewers and readers to contemplate, consider and
then consecrate by applying information to their lives.

7. Sometimes it is better to collaborate with others and not compete.

8. Do not fool with foolish folks that distract you from creating
authentic content. You cannot follow trends that only last for
minutes or hours.

9. Your content should always contain your passion, it is
representative of who you are and the direction you are
going with your Brand.

10. Have a scalable mission and vision statement. They should be
able to grow and adapt as you grow and adapt.