Digital Evangelism What is Your Purpose

Digital Evangelism What is Your Purpose
William Jackson, My Quest To Teach and Digial Evangelism
This will also be presented on My Quest to Teach and
Digital Evangelism –

There should be a desire to evangelize the Word
of God, there should be a desire to have a conversation
about the gospel. Using a conversation is better than
shouting “repent and burn!”
Allow God to use you and guide you where to go, what
to say and who to speak to.

Our believe should be to be obedient, humble and show
our humility just as Christ has done and continues to do.
We need to be conversational people not controversial
or contradicting others about their current beliefs.
Each situation and circumstances allow for us to share
our faith through our words, deeds and actions.

Even our personalities guide our ability to speak about
the gospel. Are you an introvert or are you and extrovert.
Sharing your faith may not be easy for you through
conversation, but doing things may be easier. Some
people instead of doing have the gift of gab, speaking,
laughing and sharing in a conversation.

In our digital worlds technology is invading, integrated,
involved and influences our thinking of our salvation
and evangelism. The church is not the only place to
evangelize, we have to go outside the church to do
the works God has us to do.

This is not a “mission” to evangelize in certain places,
but evangelism is a mission for us all if we truly follow
Christ. Christ states that we should go out and make
disciples of men, to share our faith and to guide, preach,
teach, evangelize, minister, pray and praise the Lord.
During this sharing of evangelism the changes of
technology can be and should be used to share
God’s word.

We are God’s creation and he has provided us with
humanity. Our lives and our humanity are “Good.”
Even though we have fallen, even though we have been
put out of the Garden, God still loves us. Our humanity
is connected to God and as we share our faith and
evangelize to others it is important that our spirit is
connected to God just as the Apostles were in Acts
the books.

How the Apostles and others evangelized others as Christ
tasked them to. Acts is a historical narrative of the early
church which was empowered by the Holy Spirit to spread
the Good News. We can use our digital tools to reach out
and share the gospel, we can use technology to evangelize
and we should. We do not have to be perfect, we
want to do the work and mission of God using all and any
tools necessary.

Follow Us on Social Media

Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tic Tok, Pinterest,
Clubhouse and other platforms and Apps. These are tools
to evangelize and help build the kingdom of God.

As Christians we must remember that each time we use
technology to post content, God is with us, he sees our
hearts, he sees our witness to others because his spirit is
in us. His presence should bring us Shalom (peace) an d
even focus to share our faith the best way we can.

Evangelism is used to create a new humanity, not just for
white people, not just for Black people, not just for Hispanic
people, but God’s people are all of us. We cannot have any
sense that we are any better or more blessed than any other
people, each of us have equal access to the Lord and his
spirit is in each of us equally. The difference is do we embrace
this, do we humble ourselves to this and do we allow God to
guide us to evangelize. It is not enough to read the bible, we
must immerse ourselves into the bible like we would immerse
ourselves in the digital world of the Metaverse.

Reading the bible is important, but learning about the bible,
studying how Gods word works in use and how we apply what
we learn from the bible into the world to evangelize is more
important. As we cover this we embrace, or attempt to what
God has for us, what he needs for us to do in service to him
and what his goals are for each of us. These words will be
posted here on Church of Christ and Social Media and
the Podcast “My Quest to Teach and Digital Evangelism.”

Praising the Lords name and the mission he has for each of
us. Will be posting again each week to share Digital Evangelism
and the content that the Lord has shared with me in relation
to technology.
Sharing a recent interview on Liberation

Pandemic Shows Technology Virtually Still Has Influence

Dove of Peace

The Pandemic Shows Technology Virtually Still Has Influence
William Jackson, M.Ed.

Part 2 on Wednesday, October 14…
2020 started off with a literal BANG, there was so
much going on environmentally that many people
including myself were looking at things in a
prophetic manner. Checking scripture, biblical
timelines, doing research on times of famine,
pestilence, world events of disasters. Trying to
be prepared spiritually and mentally for what was
going on and maybe to come.

2019 had events like volcanoes in places of population
and beauty. Changed forever from natural events that
were described as disasters, from a natural perspective
they were natural because volcanoes do happen. There
were hurricanes of such a magnitude they influenced
weather patterns globally.

Wildfires in Australia that devastated millions
of acers of land, killed millions if not billions
of species of animals, plant and insect life and
changed the environment in a rapid timeline. There
are locust in Africa and India: and other events
globally from India to Asia. Storms of historic
revelation that were never recorded in their

The developing pandemic that no one really took
seriously until it was right on top of us,
Even our governmental leaders did not take it
seriously until thousands were dead and still
they are not realistic in the human suffering
and sorrow. In the United States there are over
200,000 death and cemeteries are almost full.
It is so traumatic that funeral homes are packed
to the ceiling, having outside storage and
cooling buildings for the dead and those passing
over are sometimes alone.

The world is in continuous flux, change, adaptation,
evolution and in some cases political revolution
with Black Lives Matter, protests against police
brutality and killing of unarmed men of color and
culture. This is still a work in progress because
people still do not see the value of a Black life
of a boy, girl, man or the value of a Black woman.
Instead of color and culture being respected and
loved, being a person of color in this world is
seen as being a threat to white society. This
does not apply to all whites, but those with
power and influence seem to hate Black and Brown
people because we are still here, we are still
liking, we are stil influencing and we are not
going anywhere.

Many churches are struggle with where they stand
and how their leadership will stand with or against
groups that claim to love Christ, but practice
hatred and racism. How can someone hate anohter
person because their skin is darker, Christ loves
everyone and to follow him we must put aside our
personal issues and follow Christ.

Needless to say, life goes on and humans try to
maintain some normalcy in their lives. Normal will
not be normal ever again, but there will be a new
normal as technology is used for virtual communication
and collaboration. Schools are teaching online,
communities are social distancing and businesses are
practicing minimal numbers of attendance, no inside
seating or limited and only drive thru and take out
at restaurants.

The term “social distancing” may have never been on
the minds of the general public before the pandemic,
but kindergarten age children understand what it means.
This word “pandemic” create horrific thoughts of
death, suffering and will in the future influence
medical and mental issues for generations.

Schools are closed and learning is virtual, accessing
digital applications to continue the learning process.
This is foretold, because in movies and television
programs like Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, Space 1999
and others there was evidence that this was coming.
In a strange sense of irony, television shows and
movies have foretold of things like this and put
people in a emotional disconnection and mental
blockage of preparation for global events.

As a past adjunct professor teaching at an HBCU
Historically Black College and University and working
for NASA I would tell my students and other faculty
that online learning like this was coming, of course
many laughed and said I was ahead of my time and I
dreamed to much and watched to much televison and
SciFi movies. Knowing the change is coming inspired
me to conduct free technology workshops at the local
libraries to speak to as many youth, teen and young
adult groups to prepare for the future. Meeting with
and having a relationship with Aida Correa whom is
Afro-Latina we share a similar interest in inspiring
youth, teens and young adults in STEM and STREAM.

Preparing for the future means learning as much as
possible to keep yourself, your family and friends
ready to act and re-act as things change. Change
can be good and chance can be bad, but you must
be prepared. Educational opportunties are sometimes
harder for people of color because if they are not
exposed they do not know the potential that education
has for them and their families.

When my kids were younger I would take them and
other youth with me to technology conferences so
they can learn, network and be inspired to grow. To
obtain knowledge that was not being shared in the
classrooms of schools and teach students to have a
global perspective of the world.

Gradually attending technology conferences like WordCamp
and KidsCamp from in person to now virtual. Adapting to
digital tools like Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting and others.
Facebook Live, IG Live and the adaptation of phones for
online collaboration and content sharing. These are the
adjustments society has had to make and teach ourselves
in many cases. These are the adjustments that the
Church of Christ must make to reach their communities
to apply digital skills.

Those that are out of the box thinkers, digital innovators,
digital entrepreneurs are now the queens and kings of a
society that needs their skills, knowledge of computers
and digital innovation. These skill can be applied in
ministry and technology is not a tool of the devil, it
can be used to bring light.

Church of Christ ministries need to integrate digital
platforms and tools to share conferences like
The National Revival Conference on Youtube

As a teacher of 32 years teaching in elementary education
I have always told my students to be friends with the
Nerds, Blerds and Geeks of this world, because they
will be the ones able to communicate, collaborate and
access needed information. They will be the innovators
and millionaires and billionaires of the future. They
can be member of the Body of Christ to allow them to
follow Christ. Bring awareness to those that are lost
and connect with technology.

Tech conferences are more important now than ever. As
advocates of STEM, STEAM, and STREAM trying to encourage
youth, teens and young adults to participate in these
areas to be ready when change happens. Especially
children of color and culture, Black, Brown, Afro-Latinx,
Hispanic, Mexican, Haitian, Asian and other cultures
and color. Their lives matter!!!

Change sometimes does not wait on humans to adapt and
respond, it can happen in a matter of months, weeks
and days. This brings to light the value of technology
conferences, established conference where learning is
transformative, fun, inspiring and evolutionary
in thinking. Technology is creating a revolution of
thinking, execution of social movements and opening
the eyes of millions of disenfranchised and indigenous
people globally.

Members of the Body of Christ should inspire others in
their quest more about Christ and learn in a supportive
virtual way that is inclusive, supportive, inspiring,
progressive and forward thinking. Being a disciple of
Christ we work to change the thinking from exclusivity
to inclusivity of Christ in our day to day lives and
from separation to embracing Christ in all that we do
each day.

The Body of Christ is strong and it can be stronger with
including Christ in our decisions each day to share our
faith with others and to show our faith through the use
of technology in our words, videos, posts and content

How would Christ think if we are not obedient with our
works and our words online. In the light we cannot
hide, whatever is in the dark will be show and what is
in our hears will be let out.

Take heed and be sure that Christ is the foundation of
online and offline lives. Reading scripture, applying
it to bein online and sharing faith not with just
preaching, but through teaching, modeling, sharing,
influencing, inspiring and praising.

Thank you for reading this blog and others it is with
great appreciation that you follow Let The Bible Speak TV

Let The Bible Speak TV is provided by Brothers William
Jackson of Jacksonville, Florida, USA, Enoch Mbaihondoum Chad),
Wabomba George (Uganda) all members of the Church of Christ.

Blessings to everyone and their digital travels…

Power In The Bible

God Is Present Online and in the Metaverse

God Is Present Online and in the Metaverse
To advance knowledge in the use of technology Church of Christ
ministries should be considering how it will affect sharing the Word
of God and increasing the faith of people. Technology can potentially
help ministry to blossom and share the love of Christ and all people
can be saved.
Technology is expanding our connectivity and ability to connect
broader in the communities that are Christian, that Church of Christ
ministries have members locally, nationally and internationally.
The understanding that God is everywhere, God is sovereign and
God is present throughout the universe, multiverse and metaverse.
Scripture helps us to understand not only the love of God, but the
expectations he has for us and our worship. God knows who we are,
our thoughts, our ideologies, our words, our deeds and actions.
When we as members of the Body of Christ are engaged in online
activities before we create content, that content is already in our
hearts and minds. We are humans that are motivated by emotions.
When Cain slew Able there were violent emotions that directed
the behaviors that led to Cain’s desire to execute Able, it was not
just a spur of the moment event.
Members of the body of Christ are now tempted with behaviors
that move from our hearts and minds to actions that allow words
to translate on digital platforms that have potential global
The Metaverse, Altspace VR, Infiniverse and other digital places
are important to understand and learn how to apply to digital
evangelism. The world is changing, but God’s word never changes,
so ministries must be able to adapt to the changes in able to
lead the flocks through real and digital places.

Church Tech

God Is Present Online
and in the Metaverse
Thoughtful ideas about creating content as a member of the
Church of Christ when engaged in digital spaces and the
1. Be cautious of new technologies, technology will not enhance
your faith. Your vision must be on Christ and the love he has for

2. Embrace the diversity of life experiences and people.
Use each to add value to your sharing of your faith.
Relationship building is key, we each must have a personal
relationship with Christ.

3. In ministry we must volunteer, teach and mentor; make
ourselves accessible to share our faith and knowledge.
There is a need for teachers to provide content to
prepare the youth, teens and young adults for the works
in ministry.

4. Have defined goals related to your content creation that focuses
on Christ and his teachings.

5. Create content with a goal in mind. The goal is saving souls
and keeping souls saved. The goal of sharing the love of Christ.

6. Take advantage of networking in all environments.
Have your faith in “elevator pitch” memorized with zeal and
enthusiasm so you can share your faith at the ready.

7. Your content will not be successful on all platforms,
conduct a ministry Social Media audit. Find out where there
are the people that need to hear encouragement, inspiration
and know they are loved even as sinners.

8. Your Brand of Christ faith should be the same across diverse
platforms that you use with technology. Using the same colors,
font, graphics and videos have the same feel and inspiration.

9. Understand the dynamics of your faith and how it can influence
others Your reputation should go before you do. Just as Christ
reputation preceded him, yours should to.

10. Consider how technology is feeding/influencing the mind, body
and importantly your soul? Christ when teaching fed 5000 and
that was just men. You can feed hundreds, thousands and more
with the content you create. Put God first in all that you do.

11. As a content creator and follower of Christ you should have
the mindset of a life-long learner. Knowledge is not powerful
unless applied correctly. Applying knowledge means that there
has to be relevancy and there has to be humanistic connections.

12. Ministry is strategically planned. New technology, new
ideology, new widgets all need strategic ways to integrate
into your content development to deliver your faith.
Christ is the focus, but consider how to put Christ where
the people are and  how can they relate to him.

13. Understand the vision of yourself and the digital
version that you project. “Never have a grasshopper mentality,”
God can use you in so many powerful and meaningful ways if
we humble ourselves.
Minister Thoran Brown – Westside Church of Christ, Jacksonville,

14. If developing a ministerial team make sure they all share and
embrace the vision, mission, passion and love of Christ. It only takes
one to cause confusion so everyone must be onboard.

15. Choose a technology people that will work with you. Select
people that have an equal love for Christ. Collaboration and
cooperation are important.

16. See the value of thought leadership. Everyone cannot lead
intellectually. Christ lead with his heart towards God, but used
his mind to lead and teach with love.

17. Everyone on your team should understand their accountability
and responsibility as a believer in Christ. In the Metaverse
no one can see your heart except for Christ. He knows your
intentions to lead in ministry.

18. Be engaged in community activism, community service
and volunteering. How to be an effective evangelist.

19. Don’t put down and demean youth, teens and young adults.
You may be put in the position of managing people with a disability
or challenged in some way. What would Jesus do to
accommodate those with physical, emotional, mental disabilities.

20. Make sure accessing your content is accessibly compliant.
Think about the visually, auditory and cognitively challenged.
They have a right to learn from you, you are accountable to Christ
to be available to teach and evangelise

21. Offer workshops away from the church and in the community
to share knowledge and building knowledge of the Word of God.

22. Be sure all your photos and videos represent your Brand and
your Mission statement. Show Christ as he would want to be shown.

What Can Be Good About Good Friday

What Can Be Good About Good Friday
The Good Friday Service will be held in
Alspace VR at 7pm EST with song, prayer,
scripture, message and fellowship. If you’re
in Altspace VR either by your Oculus or with
your computer come join us…. 7pm to 8pm
First Meta Church
The audio is posted on the Podcast
My Quest to Teach & Digital Evangelism

Have you ever wondered what is so Good
about Good Friday

Good Friday is one of the most important |
holidays celebrated by Christians on the
Friday before Easter Sunday. It is held in
remembrance of the crucifixion of Jesus
Christ and his death at Calvary.
Jesus has entered Jerusalem on the back
of a donkey’s colt, signifying the peace God
has commanded. Jesus has been betrayed,
arrested, falsely charged and tried, convicted,
and sentenced to die on cross beams constructed
for execution by binding and nailing to them
the arms and hands, and legs and feet, of the
Roman Empire’s worst criminals of the state,
this assuring death by suffocation and trauma
This is a true event, this was not made up, it is
not a made for TV movie. It is depicted in many
movies, dramatizations, stories and even in songs.
Not naming any productions, but I’m sure we can
recall a movie, program, or event that shares,
shows and displays this event of the ultimage
sacrifice for our salvation.

This is not just a day, but held during the week
and Easter is the day of celebration for Christ
sacrifice so that we may live spiritaully.
The obvious is that God so loved the world
that he gave his only begotten son. If you’re
a parent, grandparent, surrogate parent we
understand the love for a child and children.

We hear and may have experienced the ultimate
love of a parent that a parent would give their
own life for their child or children. A parent
would take their child’s or children’s sickness
upon themelves just to make sure their children
are safe, happy and healthy.

This love is a transformative love because
it comes not just from the heart, it comes
from the spirit. Just as the spirit of the
Lord resides in each of us we are all beings
of spirit. Because of this truth we worship
the Lord in spirit and in truth.

I’m not going to hold us long here in the
First Meta Church, but hopefully just long
enough for our hearts, our spirits and our
souls are even more connected to Christ.
Christ brings us our salvation, Christ is the
way to salvation and Christ died on the
cross so that we can have eternal salvation.

One can ask, “What is so Good About Good Friday”
God shows us how in his way, the good is that death
will be conquered by Resurrection. Sin will be
repented, forgiven, and foregone. Hate will be
vanquished by Love. War will give way to Peace and
man will be giving the opportunity to be forgiven
of His sins. We must understand that the Crucifixion
and Resurrection of Jesus the Christ, the Messiah,
the Teacher, The Rabbi will deliver, re-order, and
re-organize, the nature of the created order itself.
In Christ Jesus, the crucified Redeemer, life will be
reconstituted, remade, in the very nature of its being.
Now, through the power of God the Father’s grace,
and the obedience of God the Son’s redeeming sacrifice,
His blood will wash away the repentant sinner’s guilt
and cleanse and purify the trusting soul of sin,
through God’s forgiveness, full and free. Glory to God!

Good Friday is beautiful because it reminds us
that we matter to our Lord. That we are
part of the greater and bigger picture of life.
There is value and significance for all our lives,
during these turbulant times whether is it a
pandemic, global warming, wars and rumors of wars,
and moments of chaos and confusion we matter to
our Lord.

Dove of Peace

Good Friday marks the slaying of our Jesus, he was
crucified upon a cross, in public and displayed with
no sympathy for his life. Christ is the unblemished
lamb, he was the perfect sacrifice because he was
without sin and he took our guilt, our sins and blame
upon Himself.
So we could be with Him in paradise.

We must appreciate his sacrifice so we can have eternal
life if we make the committment to follow his teachings
and his love for all men and women. No one else could have
done this because of the enormouse eternal ramifications
for trillions of souls that will be born on this planet..

Good Friday is good because it reminds us of the sacrifice
of Christ. His unchanging love for each and everyone of us
in spirit. Even though we are in a digita space we must look
at what is in our hearts, how our hearts are connected to
our spirits in spirit and in truth.

In the scriptures it is written in
John 3:16 King James Version
16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only
begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not
perish, but have everlasting life.

Taking this further I want to provide even more of this.
Jesus Teaches Nicodemus and also teaches each of us to
study his word and meditate on these words

3 Now there was a Pharisee, a man named Nicodemus who
was a member of the Jewish ruling council. 2 He came to Jesus
at night and said,
“Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God.
For no one could perform the signs you are doing if God were not
with him.”
3 Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom
of God unless they are born again.[a]”
4 “How can someone be born when they are old?” Nicodemus asked.
“Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb
to be born!”
5 Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom
of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. 6 Flesh gives birth
to flesh, but the Spirit[b] gives birth to spirit. 7 You should not be
surprised at my saying, ‘You[c] must be born again.’

8 The wind blows
wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it
comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the
9 “How can this be?” Nicodemus asked.
10 “You are Israel’s teacher,” said Jesus, “and do you not understand
these things? 11 Very truly I tell you, we speak of what we know, and
we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept
our testimony.
12 I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how
then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things? 13 No one has
ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven the
Son of Man.[e] 14 Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness,
so the Son of Man must be lifted up,
15 that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.”

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world,
but to save the world through him.
18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not
believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in
the name of God’s one and only Son. 19 This is the verdict: Light has
come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because
their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and
will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.
21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that
it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in
the sight of God.

Let us meditate on this, let us pray on this and let the
Spirit of the Lord lead, guide and direct our path the
knowledge, truth, righteousness and
true salvation.
Blessings to each of you and your respective families. If you can follow
us into Altspace VR with First Meta Church and come celebrate
with us on the Good Friday.

William Jackson, Let The Bible Speak TV

First Meta Church Good Friday Service
Altspace VR
Hosted by Stefan Young
Tonight Friday, July 15th 2022
7pm to 7:45pm

Web Site Updating and Adapting

Church Tech

This site will be updated and re-started on Thursday,
April 1st 2022, no this is not an April Fools joke.

The Lord has blessed me with content to share locally here
in Florida, nationally across the United States and Globally.
Church of Christ and Social Media will be re-shaping,
re-building, re-branding and changing its’ web presence to
include the ongoing Podcast of My Quest to Teach and
Digital Evangelism and postings on Let The Bible Speak TV
out of Jos, Nigeria.
When I started this it was a dream and a passion, it still is with
renewed content, updated relevancy and connections.

To accompany this site is the Podcast My Quest to Teach and
Digital Evangelism that is hosted on the Anchor platform. Thanks
for all the support and community engagement. Aligning with the
adaptions and changes in tech, social media and connecting
online COCASM is moving forward even into the Metaverse with the
First Meta Church.

Please access this contents growth across platforms.
My Quest To Teach & Digital Evangelism which is published
on the Anchor Platform. Let The Bible Speak TV on Facebook.

William Jackson, a member of San Jose Church of
Christ in Jacksonville, Florida.
William is an educator of 33yrs in public education
and professor in higher education teaching
Web 2.0 and Digital Media and adapting to Web 3.0
and The Metaverse.

Please guide your browser to the Anchor link
below or the other platforms below that you may
continue to enjoy.
My Quest To Teach & Digital Evangelism

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Leaders of Let The Bible Speak TV

Where is Africa on the Technology Sphere of Influence in Evangelism

Where is Africa on the Technology Sphere of Influence in Evangelism
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Blogging on Africa On The Blog #AfricaOnTheBlog #AOTB
Blogging on Let The Bible Speak TV #LTBSTV
Blogging on Church of Christ and Social Media #COCASM

Supporting and celebrating the growth, influence,
creativity and innovation of African technology
and the people that make tech influential across
the continent of Africa. There is tremendous growth
across the continent that other nations like China,
France, Germany, Canada and others are contributing
to the infrastructure of mobile technologies.

As a content creator and educator, I have always been
impressed and excited to see what is happening on the
African continent addressing the growing levels of
technology and educational growth. Technology is
influencing social engagements, educational access,
religious influences, economic access to resources,
Branding and Marketing for entrepreneurs and small
to medium size businesses.

My area as an educators and member of the Body of
Christ is Digital Evangelism and Discipleship.
The growth and influence of Christianity has been
hard, but there are victories, even with out hard
wired schools, dedicated Internet services to many
cities still, technology has taken a foothold on
African soil.

Enoch sharing God's Word
Members of the Body of Christ in Africa need not feel
alone, isolated, spiritually depleted and without
support. The access to the Internet has brought
exposure and support through prayers, inspirational
content, access to lectureships, online Bibles that
are interactive and rich with multimedia elements
to share the scripters even with the changes of
language and interpretations.

Being an advocate, volunteer, teacher, speaker and
even an organizer with WordCamp conferences. It has
provided me opportunities to travel to multiple
WordCamps around the United States, Canada and even
Central America. Starting my first WordCamp journey
in 2010 to Orlando, Florida and eventually speaking
nationally and internationally.

Applying my digital skills to ministry was an easy
transition because I was lead by the spirit to do
God’s work by applying my experiences, knowledge
and resources to ministry. Using blogging to share
content on Church of Christ and Social Media
I can blog about integrating technology into the
Body of Christ and share the importance of “good”
content that does not take away from scripture,
but shares are faith and “believers in Christ.”
The blessings have been being a teacher on “Let
The Bible Speak TV,” based in Jos, Nigeria with
Evangelist George and Enoch. Broadcasting on
Facebook our faith that is based on the foundations
of Christ and sharing scripture to be understood,
encourage and applying to the world we live in
even in the 21st century.

Leaders of Let The Bible Speak TV

Podcasting was integrated on the platform Anchor
with My Quest to Teach and Digital Evangelism where
I share my thoughts, ideas, knowledge and passion
of how Social Media can share the Word of God.

Digital engagements and virtual innovation is
inspiring to see all levels of technological growth
and how this growth is inspiring and preparing African
youth, teens and young adults that life is rich in
great experiences and those include being baptized
into the Body of Christ. Inspiring digital leaders
of Africa to share the blessings of our Lord Jesus
in their messages to save souls and keep souls saved.

Christians in the United States need to embrace Africa
and help in the establishment of digital infrastructures
to promote educational equality, economic equality of
African business men and women before China starts to
enhance African educational and business systems. Within
10 years Africa will have astronauts traveling to space
with support from China and the United States will have
missed an opportunity to stay and economic influence
in the region and the world.

The competition for African innovators is real and
Africa is the next continents where digital innovation
will change the course of technological history. Even
today the raw materials that are needed for materials
to build technology hardware are coming from Africa.

China seems to be smarter and have a further view of
the potential of Africans and will help build African
schools, help build a robust digital infrastructures
that enable faster wireless access and the creation
of STEM, STEAM and STREAM growth.

Importantly key elements of ministry will be lost
because China does not provide support (to the best
of my knowledge) the growth of the ministry Church
of Christ. There is religious denial to its citizens
and persecution is evident when Christians must
workshop, fellowship and pray in hiding. If caught
they are imprisoned and put in “re-education”

African youth, teens and young adults are learning that
technology allows them to be influencers of cultural
changes, self-expression, access to educational platforms
for online learning, engagement in music, cultural and
family connections. The challenge is at what price to
ministerial freedoms to share the gospel across the
continent. The rules to social engagement are changing
in Africa, digital speeds are planted, but they are not
always for the good of the people and the followers
of Christ.

Reading the Word

Technology is allowing for representation on
another level. That representation is being challenged
when Christians, followers of Christ are not allowed
to worship openly and without violence. Our faith as
Christians in base on our abilities to be disciples,
and evangelists. We must be true to Christs direction
for teaching, preaching and baptizing people.

Representation does matter across Africa as African youth,
teens and young adults are building digital communities.
They’re building PLC – Professional Learning Communities,
PLC/N – Personal Learning Communities and Networks.
These networks should include ministry, evangelism,
worship, fellowship and communication of God’s Word.
Never in the history of human engagement can people stay
connected continuously and with so much influence. Tech
is the catalyst of phenomenal growth to expand the human
growth and condition to share our faith and the love of