How Do You Adapt Social Media To The Church of Christ

How Do You Adapt Social Media To The Church of Christ

Ways to Adapt a Social Media Strategy to Ministry
by William Jackson – Social Media Visionary
Information Technology Westside Church of Christ
Jacksonville, Florida

Part 1
The Church of Christ has a doctrine of “Saving Souls and
Keeping Souls Saved.”  In the world of technology some
Churches of Christ ministries struggle with implementing
how to integrate Social Media into their ministries to share
the gospel. There is more to using Social Media platforms
than just having a Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media

Planning a foundational layout and proper implementation
are important, establishing duties and responsibilities to
keep content up to date and  applicable are vital to keeping
the congregation engaged. This engagement is important
because it keeps people focused on what is important. The
word of God and his teachings, not just the platform or the
message. Understanding the demographics, gender ratios,
generational differences, socio-economic status and even
educational levels helps to manage a Social Media strategy.

Questions should be asked, do you have the right Social Media
strategy for your ministry, what are the challenges of Social Media
that are adapting to new technologies, Apps, software changes
and even wireless devices that access the information?
Consider are you struggling to make social media work for you,
your ministry or the people? The plan should be to edify God, not
the minister, the evangelist, the deacons, nor the elders.
Who is head of the church???

Starting with the head and working to show those with diverse
access who to focus on. So even if it is with email, schedule
consistent emails on information that may not get shared by
word of mouth. Use Microblogging (Twitter) to share event dates, meetings, etc. The interactivity is important
so if there is a question answer it in one to two days.
Even God has a strategy that is older than time itself, so if God has implemented
a ministry strategy why shouldn’t your church?

#1: Do a Social Media Appraisal
Why use Social Media – providing a survey and asking which Social Media
platforms the congregation uses helps to determine the best way to communicate
using the platform and tools for what demographic, what gender and what
generation feels comfortable using. Each dynamic and interactive communication
tool is a diverse way to share content and encourage interactivity and engagement.
Thought should go into finding a good Social Media strategy for the ministry, this
should be planned, studied and executed with a mission/goal in mind.

What are some of the challenges to integrating a productive Social Media
presence that is sustainable and helps the Church of Christ grow?
Growth is important because the church must grow to be affective in “Saving
Souls and Keeping Souls Saved.” Baptizing, teaching, sharing the gospel and
influencing the community helps to promote the need for biblical teaching,
service to the community in the name of God and educational opportunities
to share the “Plan for Salvation” that is only learned by continued opportunities
for Bible Study. The church is not selling salvation, the church if offering it by
free will and deeds. Using Social Media is a way to reach the masses.

Part 2…. Coming soon…


The Passion for Learning In the Church of Christ

The Passion for Learning In the Church of Christ
William Jackson
Northbound Church of Christ

Bible reading

The greatest teacher decidedly in the history of man was Jesus.

He taught using instruction that would match the learning of
those who wanted to learn. The yearning to learn how to
improve themselves, the yearning of how to be forgiven
for their sins and the physical healing that came not just
from the touch of his clothes, but the faith in believing that
healing can actually be achieved through believing.

Knowledge is a dangerous thing when used in ignorance and
the lack of common sense.  Luke 11:28 – states, “But he said,
Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and
keep it.” Keeping the word must come first from hearing the
word, the importance of listening can never be discounted
because listening is a learning modality. Connected to
listening is the comprehension of what is being taught.
Reading and comprehension are not one in the same, it
requires two separate skills that both need to be practiced
and developed.

In the world of education comprehension is a prerequisite
to learning concepts that allow for continuous growth and
development. The skill of reading has adapted to not just
recognizing and learning letters transcribed to words, but
the incorporation of words into comprehensive sentences.
Reading during the history of man was not just for average
people, but for royalty, aristocrats, scholars and others that
saw the need for intellectualism before and after the presence
of Jesus.

The fear of literacy was that the more people read the more
they would gain knowledge and question the status quo. The
average person in times before Jesus learned skills that did
not require reading, but manual creativity and innovation
which was passed down through the family or tribe/village.
There was a cultural and vocational order to life in order to
survive and be a part of that society.

Black Jesus

The teachings of Jesus spread by the disciples, and the
number increased sharing what was learned. Act 6:7 states,
“And the word of God increased; and the number of the
disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company
of the priests were obedient to the faith.”
Along with this obedience came increase in learning of scripture
either through word or written text. The power of the Word
created the atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to enter into and to
illuminate the Word to follow God. This is why study and discernment
are so important. God will illuminate greatly if we allow him to
during our studying.

The “Passion for Learning” is important because scripture
points to the importance of understanding. The church leadership
must set the tone and be the foundation for correct learning in
the Church of Christ. The people will follow the learning examples
of the Evangelists, Deacons and Elders if they model the value of
learning and the application of knowledge. In Proverbs 9:10, states,
“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the
knowledge of the holy is understanding.”

The Church of Christ leadership has a responsibility to share the
knowledge of the scripture without change, modification or blemish.
They must be passionate and radical about reading and interpreting
the Word of God in order to be enlightened by the spirit of the Lord.
Isaiah 11:2, states, “And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him,
the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and
might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD.”
In this will men find the truth to understanding not just to themselves,
but in the sharing of wisdom.

The great responsibility can be seen in 2Corinthians 4:2, stating
that, “But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not
walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully;
but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves
to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. But have
renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness,
nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of
the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the
sight of God.”


The Intellectualism of the Church of Christ
Intellectualism should be
used to build knowledge in the kingdom of God, the advancement
of the kingdom and the glory of God that has blessed us with the
ability to reason and apply that reasoning. Each of us has a responsibility
to God to learn how to read, apply comprehension and read the
scriptures as was written. The leadership of the Church of Christ
has a biblical responsibility to help the children of God correctly
interpret the Word for the uplifting of the children of God.

Our reasoning and thinking should help us in guarding
from false doctrines that do not promote scriptural
education, false doctrines seek to imprison us in our own
minds thus infecting us with ignorance and death.

Denying intelligence and learning in the Church of Christ
is truly the refusal to love the Lord our God with our minds
as required by the first of Jesus’ commandments. If we take
the commands of Jesus seriously, we cannot dismiss the charge
of anti-intellectualism as elitism or intellectual snobbery.

As God has given us minds, we can measure our obedience by
whether we are loving him with those minds, or disobedience
whether we are not.

To many Christians don’t think, they don’t consider the
consequences of denying reading for understanding. The enemy
knows how to keep God’s people ignorant through distractions
like television, radio, video games, movies, self-doubt, embracing
the feelings of complacency and comfort. Just imagine
how uncomfortable the disciples were in following Jesus, but
also look at the glorious sites they were able to witness in his
presence and his travels. The knowledge of God they were able
to gain. We only have a small glimpse through the Bible, but
just think of the marvels they witnessed when they traveled with
him for the years of his life.

Now think of the things we as the Church of Christ are missing
when we do not study our bibles and seeing God’s word.
If God tried to speak to us many of us would pass his words off
like the wind tickling our ears, or the buzzing of a gnat or
worse the annoyance of a mosquito.

Think seriously how much are we missing in life because we
turn away from reading our Bibles and listening to our Evangelists
and Ministers that study unceasing and pray for us and our
undeserving attitudes, gossiping natures and disrespectful words
said in quiet and in the open. Think……… if not for the Grace
and Mercy of God where would all of us be…….
The Hebrews learned the hard way when they would not listen to
Moses…………. What needs to happen to us for us to listen?




Church of Christ and Social Media


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Church of Christ and Social Media

In this age of digital media, wireless connectivity, Social
Media platforms, development of Apps and moble technologies,
the Church of Christ should be mindful of the connectivity
and expansion that technology provides. Now is the age where
churches should be asking how do they integrate technology
not why or when. Now is the time to embrace technology
platforms and tools to reach those that live in a technology
based frame of mind.

The initiative of Northbound Church of Christ Social Media
Platforms are designed to aid in keeping abreast of church
events, information and even engage either through text,
video and pictures the services that are provided in service
to the community through E-Evangelism.

The sharing of the gospel can be spread outside of the church
walls to those that have a desire to hear the gospel and learn
the gospel. The responsibility of Christians are to share the
gospel outside of the church not to keep it contained inside
the walls of a building or the Body. As members of the Body
of Christ “we” are the church, we share our faith through
whatever means at our disposal using the talents and abilities
that God has blessed us and entrusted us with.

Teaching by Senior Minister and Evangelist Elisha Taylor, Jr.
at the Northbound Church of Christ are posted on our Social
Media platforms to show the invovlement of the ministry.
The teachers of the gospel while not adding, nor subtracting
from the Word of God. The foundation is the Bible, through the
diversity and managability of technology and Social Media tools
the message is spread boundlessly throughout the platforms
that serve to be of service and share the teachings
of the Church of Christ.

The study of scripture is vitally important to the spiritual
growth of the Body, scriptures that are being studied and
aligned with the doctrine of Saving Souls and Keeping Souls
Saved. The opportunity to share Gods word on a digital platform
and spread it around the world with digital tools.
The power and engagement of Social Media means connecting
with those of the same mission and goal. “The power of the
Internet cannot be obtained, implemented nor embraced because
power without application is powerless” William Jackson


Using Social Media platforms / tools in sharing the Word of
God from Northbound Church of Christ and other Church of Christ
Ministries helps to spread the same message to a broader
audience. When the member shares the same message and have
the same mission it is powerful. One voice may reach tens or
hundreds, Social Media can expand that voice to thousands
or hundreds of thousands in a day.

Engaging those who may have questions about the gospel, those
who are still growing in their Chrisitan walks, those
learning how to be of service in the church and the importance
of studying sound doctrine, and why baptism is important.
It is more than just “getting wet,” it is the total submersion
of the body and submission to Jesus.
Being forgiven of past sins and making a life long commitment
to learn, share, expand on and spread the gospel.

Churches of Christ members of the Body should be mindful that
anything shared on connected digital platforms will be available
for years to come so caution is needed not to share personal
opinions that are opposite of biblical teaching, against
ministerial leadership, share/spread gossip, engage in “worldly”
words, change – modify or delete words or passages in the
scripture to modify it to “fit” self-serving purposes. The
use of the Bible to enhance a personal agenda is a growing
problem and blurs the line of who is supposed to be elevated.
God is elevated not man….

The Internet or World Wide Web is a dynamic tool, but common
sense, scriptural discernment and biblical maturity is needed
when engaged in sharing and posting information. When a decision
is made to be connected and part of the Body continued
perserverance, scripture study and staying connected to the
brothers and sisters of the Body is important. Taking the
steps and walking in Christ requires a change in behavior,
and the behaviors should be represented in everything we do.
Our mannerisms, our engagement with each other and the world
should change. The love that God has for us is the same love
we should share for everyone. Teaching the love of

The Body of Christ holds all Christians accountable and
responsible for daily interactions, do not defame, demean,
crticize, use profanity or solicite on Church of Christ
Social Media platforms. Your reputation as a member of the
Body of Christ, as a brother and sister in the Church of
Christ, professional status, community perceptions can be
damaging or come into question if there is inappropriate
content created and shared. We are role models for the
world to follow, we are the light and the way.
Technology can sometimes take control of our lives,
spontanous postings need to be guarded because once posted
and shared it cannot be recalled or deleted from someones
mind or mouth.

Please be aware and cautious of who you are friends
with and their created content, you must evaluate the
importance of being a Christian and who or what you are
associated with, “guilt by association” can cause people to
question your allegiances in Christianity.
Church of Christ ministries when you decide to
integrate a Social Media initiative plan, plan, plan to show
Christ first on all your platforms.

Northbound Church of Christ
Jacksonville, Florida
Social Media Platforms
Twitter: @northboundcoc

Physical Address
Florida State College Jacksonville
Downtown Campus – Auditorium
Jacksonville, Florida 32206

William Jackson, M.Ed.
Information Technology Ministry Director